Xtreme Nitro  

Xtreme Nitro
[dropcap]M[/dropcap]arketing itself as a muscle-building supplement, Xtreme Nitro claims that it can also help you increase your libido, sexual desire, and performance. It alleges itself to be among the finest male enhancement supplements in the market. Xtreme Nitro has a blend of ingredients that enhance muscle build-up and sexual health, which would make it a supplement performing two functions at once.

But, the lab tests and clinical trials performed on Xtreme Nitro revealed that this supplement is ineffective in improving either of the systems. Clearly, this supplement is unaware of whether it wants to help in muscle build-up or areas of sexual health. This renders Xtreme Nitro as an inadequate and unproductive supplement for both muscle build-up and libido enhancement.


Generally, male enhancement pills are used to develop different areas of sexual health in males, and the muscle-building pills are used to improve the muscle health and strength in a body. Xtreme Nitro claims that with the help of ingredients used in its formula, it can work on both the muscular system and the sexual health system in the body.

First Take:

The advantages and disadvantages of Xtreme Nitro are many.

Advantages of Xtreme Nitro:

  • Available in an affordable price.
  • Consists of good and potent herbs and ingredients.

Disadvantages of Xtreme Nitro:

  • Yields insufficient results
  • Blend of muscle-building and libido-increasing ingredients many cause side effects in some.


Xtreme Nitro works by inducing a boost of nitric oxide in the body, which provides an increase in the muscle power and libido energy. As much as one appreciates the effort made by the manufacturers to provide a two-in-one function by Xtreme Nitro, we cannot help but give up the possibility that this supplement may be productive.

The tests performed by a third-part lab—to check the authenticity of the herbs and ingredients—revealed that the potency ratio of Xtreme Nitro is 11:1. An average potency ration in the male enhancement supplement industry is 20:1. There are some supplements that offer a potency ratio of 200:1 or 400:1. Therefore, when compared to supplements like those, Xtreme Nitro does not stand anywhere.

After conducting the tests for our usual time period of 5 weeks, we concluded that this supplement can only yield minor increase in libido and energy levels.


The different ingredients present in Xtreme Nitro include:

  • Green Tea Extract: gives a caffeine boost to the body
  • L-Arginine:
  • Chromium: this element can prove to be harmful for the human body when consumed in high amount
  • Yohimbe HCL: may assist in increasing heart-rate to help in muscle build-up

While these ingredients can effectively perform their respective functions, the combination of these present in the formula of Xtreme Nitro does not work as desired.


Xtreme Nitro may be used by people who are looking to improve their muscle and sexual health at the same time. But, the results of Xtreme Nitro may not be satisfactory. We give Xtreme Nitro a D grade on our review scale.

We recommend supplements like Libido Booster Extreme for people who want to escalate libido, sexual desire, performance, and energy.

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