Xtreme Nitro – Does it do the job?

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  • June 29, 2016
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Xtreme Nitro – Does it do the job?

It is essential, during body building, that you receive the correct assistance. Finding the perfect muscle building supplement is crucial to helping you achieve the physique you are aiming toward.

But what happens when you walk into a store or try to shop online, when you find a whole stack of information from a variety of brands all claiming to be the best? Of course you could try one, but how will you know if it is going to work?

Our reviews are created using our expert knowledge of the different ingredients, natural herbs and their effects to help you understand a product and its formula. We know how difficult it can be for someone to spend hours researching different ingredients and so we wish to save you the time and effort!

The product and its purpose

Xtreme Nitro  calls itself an ‘Advanced Bodybuilding Agent.’ By releasing nitric oxide into the system you are supposed to feel a number of advantages such as gaining strength and energy, loosing fat, benefit from more muscle pumps and also see an positive impact to your libido!

This product says that it will increase blood flow and allow your muscles to gain in mass and recovery from your workout quickly.


extreme nitro-ingredients-green teaBy combining a blend of natural herbs and antioxidants, Xtreme Nitro will make sure you keep focused during your workout.

This product contains: Green tea, L-arginine, Chromium, Yohimbe.

The precursors included in this formula will convert into the nitric oxide into the gas that the body needs and build up your metabolism. This is how you will see a reduction in fat.

Organic extracts L-arginine and Yohimbe have been cultivated for centuries as aphrodisiacs. The downside is that Yohimbe can cause unnecessary side effects.


When you pay $74.95 for a supplement you want to know that you are getting your money’s worth! The product had better do its job! This is why the company offer you a free trial.


extreme nitro-conclusion-nauseaAfter searching online to try and find precise information about this brand, it proves quite difficult. The lack of trustworthy sources alone puts me off spending such an amount of money – but then I started to see a mixed response from consumers that have had a hard time getting out of the free trial and have been forced to pay the full price. Some people have also stated that the formula doesn’t seem to have long lasting effects.

The ingredient Yohimbe is not 100% necessary and is a risk due to the potential side effects that can be received after consumption. If I wanted to boost my libido I would purchase Biomanix – which to say it also is known to increase the size of your penis is not a bad price at all at $59.95.

When it comes to bodybuilding you can find the leading supplement brand Nitro Genix 365 will do an amazing job with long lasting results for a bargain price of $19.95.

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