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Why You’re Gonna Get Dumped Soon

by Steve Gordon
Why You’re Gonna Get Dumped Soon

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are easy ways to avoid being dumped by your girlfriend. If you don’t cheat, never forget your anniversary, shower her in compliments, and always remember to buy flowers, you can be certain of lasting a little longer. But this is not all you need to do – you need to do a hell of a lot more. You see, there are subtle mistakes you can make which, once accumulated, could cause you to rethink the need for a dating profile. To you, they’re insignificant little things which mean nothing. To her, they’re deal breakers.

You Never Look At Her

We’re not suggesting you face up to your woman and eyeball her all the time (because that’s fucking weird), but if you’re focus is always on the game or on your iPod or your car, sooner or later she’s gonna get pissed off. Tear yourself away from your solitary interests now and then and give her the attention she craves.

You Think You Can Provide The Answer To Everything

Sometimes she’s gonna be venting about something that’s gone wrong with her day. It could be a bad hair cut, a rude woman at work, or she got stuck in traffic on the way home. Whatever it is, she’ll be wanting you to give her your ears and hear her out. What she’s not looking for is the answers to all her woes. She can fix things herself – she doesn’t need you running around after her like a lapdog with a book of 1,001 Solutions.

You Never Answer The Phone

Girls like to chat on the phone, and men – generally – don’t. So when she rings you, it’s all too easy to pretend you’re busy and can’t take the call. After a few weeks and months of this, she’s gonna be pretty pissed. While texting is good for certain things – such as flirting – a phone call is much better for that much-needed 30 minute chat about her day that she wants. Pick up or fuck off, buddy.

You’re Too Quiet

When she’s been talking at length about something and you just sit there saying ‘hmmm’ and nodding your head, she’s not gonna be impressed. To show that you’re interested, you’ve gotta hit her with some questions. We’re not telling you to intimidate her, but politely ask for some more details. It shows you care. And if you don’t give a damn, she’s gonna look elsewhere.

Your Bathroom Manners Are Atrocious

Particularly if you’re staying at her place, you’ll need to adopt some manners to show that you’re a considerate guy. If you keep leaving the toilet seat up, she’ll assume you’re also gonna ignore her when it comes time to open the car door for her

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