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Why You Should Use Dumbbells

by Steve Gordon

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or one reason or another, dumbbells are a little bit out of fashion at the moment. The golden era of the dumbbell is certainly over, replaced by new fads, trends, gimmicks and hi-tech. When you were a kid, your dad probably staunchly praised the dumbbell because it took him back to a time when Arnie was king and the dumbbell was, um, another king.

The kings’s son.

The prince! That’s it.

But don’t let people ever tell you the dumbbell shouldn’t be incorporated into your workout. We love the little blighters and will always defend them. Here’s why.

Dumbbells Are Dirt Cheap

Dumbbells can be picked up for less than $20. Compare this to a deadlift cage bench that will set you back over $200. Win.


If you fancy a quick workout at home, but can’t afford the aforementioned deadlift cage bench, and don’t have the time to nip to the gym, you can whip out your dumbbells and off you go. Strength building will never be more convenient than with a pair of dumbbells.

They Build Your Muscles

Yep, they may be tiny, but they make you BIG. Use heavier weights and you will increase your muscle mass, as well as burn more calories. You can even body build with a pair of dumbbells.

They Improve Your Cardio Health

When we work out with dumbbells, we raise our heart rate, which in turn benefits our overall cardiovascular health. The trick is to start slowly before moving quicker, thus entering the aerobic zone (one of our favourite zones). Once you’re in this zone, the cardio benefits hit the jackpot.

Muscular Endurance

Let’s say your a sportsman but you’re really struggling with the power and might of your competitors. You play tennis and your opponent always hits harder. You play football and you always get knocked off the ball easily. It sucks.

By working out with dumbbells, you enhance your muscular endurance. You’re basically more prepared for your muscular competitors.

They Improve Bone Health

If you carry out weight-bearing exercises, your chance of a fracture are minimised. Dumbbells essentially improve your bone density, and for this reason they’re a particularly good choice for people over the age of 50.

They Help You To Lose Weight

Last but not least, dumbbells help you to burn off the calories, thereby not only helping you lose weight, but also improving your muscle strength.

They can also help minimise the risk of diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

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