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Why You Should Sleep Naked

by Steve Gordon

Did you know that 1 in 3 people all around the world sleep naked? If you ask them why they sleep naked, many will probably tell you it’s because they’re hot, they’re horny, or they just like the freedom that comes with it. Few will probably tell you they sleep in their birthday suits because it lowers their blood pressure.

And yet sleeping naked has been show to have various health effects that few of us actually know about. So the next time you want to shed the layers but decide that it’s just too cold, all we can say to you is that you’re clearly a man who doesn’t give a damn about your blood pressure.

Improve Your Sex Life

A British bed company recently surveyed 1,000 adults, with 57% of naked sleepers saying they had a good sex life. This is in comparison with 48% of boring pyjama wearers who ‘claimed’ to be happy with their love life.

Indeed, being naked is sexy and fun. But being naked also cuts out the middleman and helps you get straight to the point. Instead of thinking, “I’m all cosy in my pyjama’s, can I really be bothered having sex now?”, you’ll be thinking, “I’m ready.” And you’ll be winning.

Improve Your Sleep Life

If your core body temperature is just too warm, you’ll find it hard to fall asleep. You see, your body temp needs to drop by about half a degree before you can not only fall asleep but stay asleep. We’re not saying that sleeping naked is gonna keep you asleep forever, but it helps your body to cool down quickly and thus gets you to sleep faster. If your hot, there is also a chance your sleep is going to be disturbed.

You’ll Burn Those Calories

Brown fat is just horrid. It’s hit the headlines recently and gained quite a bit of notoriety for its ability to generate 300 times as much heat than any other organ. But we need brown fat, and we produce more of it when we sleep naked. And when this happens, we go onto burn more calories during the day. Success.

You’ll Have Lower Blood Pressure

If you lie naked in bed, your body will produce a bit more oxytocin, which is a hormone that carries with it various health benefits. But to produce even more of it – we’re talking bucket loads – your body requires skin to skin contact. So in future, you chat-up line should be something along the lines of, “Wanna produce some oxytocin with me?”

Just make sure you pronounce it correctly, otherwise it’ll fall flat and you’ll look stupid.

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