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Why Getting Stronger Will Increase Your Quality of Life

by Steve Gordon
Why Getting Stronger Will Increase Your Quality of Life

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re a weakling and never get any respect, your dream has always been to pack on the pounds, get in the gym, and get huge. This is just how it is for small guys.

They see the gigantic dudes like The Rock and Arnold, and they want to be just like that. I don’t blame them. Being strong means you get respect, it means nobody will mess with you, and it really builds up your confidence.

But if you needed some more reasons why getting stronger will significantly increase your quality of life, here are a few more that I’m sure you will like:

#1 – Getting Stronger More Ladies Guanteed! 

If you have a huge body with nice pecs and nice abs, you will totally get more chicks. And not just any chicks, the hottest chicks around.

It’s a known fact that the hottest girls like bad boys with tattoos, like guys who drive sweet cars, and like guys who are huge and work out a lot. This is just a fact of life, and most everyone knows it’s true.

So if you dedicate yourself to a solid workout routine, you’ll pick up more girls than you know what ot do with.

#2 – Getting Stronger Physically Makes Your Mentally Stronger 

While you can obviously see your body getting larger and improved, you don’t realize how much it affects your self-esteem and confidence until you actually reach your goals.

Studies have shown that guys who work out more are more confident, more sociable, and more approachable, and not even in just your daily life.

This helps with job interviews, dates, and even meeting your girlfriend’s annoying parents all the time.

You’re able to think more, think more often, and have a higher quality of thought than before.

#3 – It’ll Make You More Sought After 

People will think and look after you if you’re stronger, and whether or not this is a good thing is up to you.

If someone needs help moving? They’ll call you up to help since you’re a big guy and can actually move heavy stuff. Someone needs help with their car? They’ll probably call you up to help since you look like a capable guy.

This all comes with the package. You should take advantage of this. It’s great for bonding with your buddies.


So if you’re thinking about getting bigger, stronger, and generally more in shape, this is the time to do it. You’ll love yourself!

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