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When Cheating Can Work

by Steve Gordon
When Cheating Can Work

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay, cheating is bad. We know that. You know that. And we know that you know that we know you know that. But every rule has a controversial exception, right? So why can’t ‘DON’T CHEAT’? Well, it can – and it does.

Sometimes cheating can make a relationship stronger. It can help couples get through stormy patches and reveal that, despite it all, they really do love one another. Obviously, to make it to the other side as a stronger couple, there will be a lot of hell to go through first. Fighting. Accusations. Counselling. But once it’s done, there can sometimes be rewards. Good rewards. Let’s take a look.

You Realise How Much You Love Your Wife

When we’re in a long-term relationship, it can be easy to drift apart. You start to argue, and you start to hate the sight of each other. You think you still love your wife but you’re not completely sure, and when the chance to cheat comes along, you think what the hell and go for it out of bitterness and anger.

Then you realise that, whilst the sex with the other woman was good, it just isn’t right. You love your wife. This hastily conceived one night stand has made you realise the error of your ways. You feel dirty, and your love with your wife is strengthened.

You Realise You’re Actually Pretty Damn Good In Bed

Long-term relationships can have damaging effects on your sex life. The sex just dries up, and when you do have sex, it’s just plain awful. You begin to wonder whether it’s you.

Sex with a different woman, then, can be an eye-opener. You remember just how damn good you were before you and your wife got a bit bored. You realise you are desirable and your wife should see this. So you go home and you suggest experiments. You suggest trying new things. Your mojo is back.

You Can Get What You Want

If you feel like your wife just isn’t giving you what you want and need, it’s all too easy to get frustrated and head out to find a woman who WILL give you what you want.

Then, when she has given you exactly what you want and need, you realise that you seriously need to talk to your wife. Because it’s she who should be giving you what you want – not a stranger who you’ll never see again! Cheating can help you to stand up for your needs.

You Realise How Good You’ve Got It

After years in a relationship, you might start to get bored. Bored of the responsibilities. The kids. The pets. The no-drinking during the week rule. The day trips to see her family. The bills.

So you see a new woman who frees you from this mundanity. But then she asks you to leave your wife for her. Only then do you realise how good you had it. You had financial stability and a wife and family who loved you. Your adorable pet dog, Rufus. Your trips to her family at Christmas. You wanna give up all this for a new woman?

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