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What Causes sexual dysfunction in men? 

by Steve Gordon
Sexual Dysfunction

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he first step to combatting any issue is to understand what is causing it. Sexual dysfunction is affecting more men each year. These men are also being affected much earlier in life than ever before. Most individuals are familiar with the basics. As men grow older their testosterone levels begin to decrease. That does not explain why victims are younger today than in the past.

Toxic Overload

It is nearly impossible to eliminate all of the toxins that individuals are exposed to. Most of the food in the grocery store and restaurants, both fast food and elegant dine in, contains chemicals. It is extremely difficult to find hygiene and household cleaning products that do not contain toxic cocktails. Pollutants are released into the air by plants, factories, and vehicles. The body produces its own toxics when highly stressed and stress inhibits the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

Toxins interfere with the natural mechanisms and defenses of the body. Once the body becomes overloaded with toxins all systems within the body begin to malfunction. This includes all organs of the reproductive system. Toxins inhibit the body’s ability to make, release, and regulate free testosterone. They can also build up in arties preventing blood flow. Both testosterone and blood flow are integral to achieve an erection when aroused.

There are two extremely effective methods of fighting toxic overload. One is to reduce the amount of toxic products and foods in the household. Another is to increase the dietary intake of antioxidants. Formual41 Extreme provides numerous antioxidant rich ingredients which increase the production and release of testosterone. This formula contains lepidium meyenii, ptychopetalum, and eurycoma longifolia among several others. All three of the plants mentioned possess antioxidant and medicinal properties which address both sides of the issue simultaneously.

Disease and Distress

Sexual dysfunction can also be the direct result of certain diseases. Hypertension and the medications to correct it directly affect sexual performance. Many types of cardiac disease and, of course, the medications used to treat them, can cause erectile dysfunction. The same is true of depression, anxiety, and other stress related disorders

Lepidium meyenii is better known as Maca and affectionately nicknamed Peruvian ginseng. It has been shown to decrease blood pressure in certain individuals, combat depression, increase the production of hormones as well as balance them in the male body.

Ptychopetalum is also called Muira Puama and the indigenous peoples of Brazil have used it to treat impotence and male infertility for centuries. Many body builders take supplements which contain ptychopetalum because it increases the body’s ability to produce free testosterone. It is also often used as a mood elevator and antidepressant.

Eurycoma longifolia contains antidepressant properties and is used to combat lethargy and fatigue. It is indigenous to Malaysia, Indonesia, and in certain other Asian countries. During the first sets of clinical studies the properties of this plant increased sexual activity in castrated male rats. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction and correct testosterone declination.

There are always going to be scams and gimmicks for sale. Consumers must be proactive in their purchase decisions and perhaps do some snooping before buying into the madness. The internet affords an excellent and simple method of research.

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