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What are the Benefits to Smoking Marijuana? 

by Steve Gordon
What are the Benefits to Smoking Marijuana?

Weed is the hot topic nowadays, and it’ all over the news. First it became legal in a number of states including Oregon and Washington, and then it became medically legal in just about any state you can think of.

Most people know that it can really help people out when they’re dealing with a serious illness. But the majority of people who use pot do so recreationally, much like with people and alcohol.

So are there benefits to using it all the time, even if you’re just looking to get high?

Research Shows that Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

In new research conducted by the CDC, using marijuana, whether smoking it or eating it, provides your body will plenty of power to kill cancer cells. The power of marijuana for fighting cancer is researched hard, and it’s basically a given that it will help prevent or reduce the size of tumors.

So people who regularly smoke weed will have less of a chance of getting various forms of cancer. Smoke away!

Use a Vaporizer Instead of Smoking it

A vaporizer eliminates the need of smoking harmful particles to absorb the THC in pot. You’re basically burning he pot at the bottom, the THC molecules attach to water vapor, and you inhale the water vapor with the THC in it.

It’s the purest form of smoking pot there is, and you get to skip all of the nasty burning particles from entering your throat and lungs.

Marijuana Reduces Your Pain Index

Using marijuana significantly reduces the amount of pain and suffering you experience from a serious injury or illness, and this has been studies a lot. In a number of studies, 90% of patients who used pot saw significant relief in their symptoms.

This is why it is not legal in states looking to make it medially viable. There’s no point in fighting it any longer. When you look at the harmful pills that doctors hand out to you when you’re hurt, weed is the least of your worries.

Cheapest Form of Pain Relieving Power

When weed eventually becomes legal in all 50 states, it’ll be the cheapest form of pain relieving you can find. Since it’s basically just the flower part of the marijuana plant, and since you can grow it quite cheaply, it’ll be cheaper than buying Tylenol, for instance.

So instead of hurting your liver with gross pain relievers, just smoke a little pot and feel better! I don’t recommend this at work, though.

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