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Ways to Kill Sperm – P.S. Don’t Do Them

by Ryan Peters
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Sperm cells are such little energetic fishes roaming around in your scrotum. Okay, so that probably made you feel a little uncomfortable reading that, but don’t over think it. I mean, it’s a fun way to picture those little guys having fun, right? Maybe it’s only fun thinking about that because I’m a girl.

Okay, I’m stopping my rant now.

I really wanted to start this article in a strange, but fun, way. It’s true; sperm are energetic. However, they’re also unable to protect themselves against a lot of different forces. Hear me out for a minute.

Sperm cells are so tiny. They’re also not very well protected. This means that any little amount of damage to them can really alter their ability to perform their single job: Penetrating a female’s egg to fertilize it and start the growth of a baby. I mean, can you believe such little cells can start the conception of a baby?

Anyways, the point of this article is to let you know the top ways to kill sperm cells so that you don’t go out and do them anymore. Check them out, and refrain from doing them as best you can.

Having Too Much Testosterone

Ways to Kill Sperm – P.S. Don’t Do ThemHaving too much testosterone kills sperm. I understand you may find this strange, but it is true. Let me explain.

To produce an adequate amount of sperm, you need a lot of testosterone. However, if you start taking testosterone supplements, you may actually do the opposite to your sperm count, therefore causing your natural count to sky-rocket downward.

Why does this happen? This happens because if there’s too much testosterone in the body, your pituitary gland naturally shuts down. If your pituitary gland shuts down, the testicles will stop producing sperm.

In fact, some doctors have told men that taking testosterone supplements may actually act as a male contraceptive.

Smoking Weed

The THC in marijuana can lower your sperm count, believe it or not.

Why is that? That is because THC acts just like testosterone does, and what did I just say about too much testosterone? It does the opposite of producing healthy sperm.

There are still other drugs that can drastically affect sperm count, too. For example, using heavy narcotics such as Dilaudid seems to have the same affect on sperm cells as THC does.

Not only is the sperm count affected in instances like this, but the sex drive also falls short.

Smoking Cigarettes/Tobacco

The toxins present in cigarettes can reduce your sperm count specifically because they cause the sperm in your scrotum to swim around a lot slower.

Ways to Kill Sperm – P.S. Don’t Do ThemAdditionally, cigarettes can actually damage the sperm’s cell’s DNA.

What’s more is that men don’t have to even smoke for it to affect them. In fact, son’s of the mothers who smoked during pregnancy have poorer sperm quality than sons of the mothers who didn’t smoke during pregnancy.

Hot Temperatures

Having hot temperatures around your scrotum can hurt sperm and sperm production.

Why is this? Well, sperms cells are designed to stay about seven degrees below normal body temperature, mainly because they’re required to be cooler than the rest of the body (hence why they’re in the scrotum, distanced from the rest of the body). If the areas where sperm is produced is above this temperature, sperm production and motility slow down drastically.

There’s not a specific temperature that causes this drop in production and slowness in motility, however, there are suggestions out there. According to research, going in a hot bath or a hot Jacuzzi can temporarily cause fertility problems. Other research states that leaving a hot laptop on your lap can have the same affect.

Though this may not be the #1 cause of low sperm production, it still makes the list.

Cell Phones

Radioactive waves produced by cell phones can damage sperm count.

However, many people seem to think that the whole skin and clothes being in between the cell phone and the scrotum seems to help. Is this proven? No. Science has not come to a serious, documented conclusion just yet. But honestly, I think it makes sense. And I’m sure you guys can think of another place to put your phones in the time being, at least until we find out if the rumor is true.

Watch out for all of these warnings, guys. If you do happen to want an increase in your sperm count, try all-natural male sex enhancement supplements.

It is a great male enhancement that contains many natural additives. It’s a supplement you can trust.


By Jenny Lyn

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