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Do You Want a Six-Pack? Here is a Plan That Will Help You Get It?

by Steve Gordon
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If you want a six-pack, right here today you will find a plan that will help you get it. It might seem like the biggest fitness challenge you have tried to achieve yet but you can get there. You may have read in a magazine or online that women are most attracted to men who have a six-pack. There are many reasons for this. Six-packs are attractive. Men who have a six-pack are usually more confident with themselves and women are attracted to that. These are just a couple reasons why you should get a six-pack. If you are ready, here is a plan that is going to help you get the six-pack you have worked on but haven’t been able to get before.

Focusing on Fat Loss

preview-full-shutterstock_399419851If you want to get that six-pack, one of the first things you will need to focus on is fat loss. You can’t show off a six-pack if you don’t have a flat stomach. You need to find ways to get rid of the fat around your stomach first. The best way to do this is by limiting your consumption of calories every day. The main recommendation when trying to get a six-pack is to only consume 10 calories for every pound you currently weigh. If you are at 175 pounds right now, you should be taking in 1,750 calories a day so you can get rid of that extra weight around your stomach. You should also be getting about 1 to 2 protein grams for every pound you weigh. If you are at 175 pounds, you should be getting an average of 262.5 grams protein each day. Eating healthy fats more often will help you to get rid of the fat around your stomach too. Now you have plenty of tips for helping you with the fat loss part of achieving that six-pack goal.

Focusing on Cardio

The next tip you should follow if you want to get that six-pack sooner is to focus more on cardio. This is one type of work out that defines your core more. This is necessary if you are going to get a six-pack. Cardio workouts should be your main priority but you shouldn’t forget to combine those with some other workouts. The best workouts to do on your session days when trying to get a six-pack are riding a bike, going for a run and doing high intensity training as well. If you focus on cardio workouts, you will see a six-pack much sooner than without these workouts.

Focusing on Your Core

You should also be focusing on your core when you want a six-pack. This only makes sense since your abs is your core. You can do this by focusing on fat loss and cardio. However, you should also do ab specific workouts too. These are going to work out your core more than any other type of workouts. The best workouts for your core include bicycle crunches, side crunches, planks, sit-ups and weight training core exercises. You should do the core exercises five days a week if you want to see results sooner.

Focusing on Sleeping Well

If you want to get that six-pack, you need to sleep well too. This is very important. If you aren’t sleeping well, you are more likely to eat unhealthy, be too tired for your work out sessions and have higher levels of stress. When any of these things happen, you are going to gain weight instead of gaining a six-pack. Focus more on sleeping well. If you need to change your evening habits do that. If you need to get up earlier in the morning because you are sleeping too much do that. Do whatever you need to do so that you can sleep well. Getting better sleep helps your body to produce and release the fat loss hormones that are needed to develop that six-pack.

Focusing on Better Motivation

preview-full-shutterstock_309821243If you want that six-pack, you also need to focus on better motivation. This is very important too. You won’t stick to a fitness or fat loss plan if you aren’t motivated. Make sure you find your right motivation if you want to build up your abs. It may be that you want to train for a race. Maybe you want to show off to a woman this summer at the beach. Find better motivation, whatever works for motivating you, so that you can develop that six-pack.

Getting a six-pack does take some work but you don’t have to stress about it. In fact, stress is going to take you farther away from your goals. Focus on these things here if you want that six-pack sooner.

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