[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the world where numerous companies make male enhancing pills, VigRX claims to be the best male enhancement product with the tendency to increase your sexual desire by increasing the quality of your erections and the duration of your orgasms. VigRX backs up this claim with graphical representations of its effects on areas of male sexual health on their website.

However, our extensive research and testing have unearthed a rather contrasting picture about the effects of VigRX. This pill is not as effective as it claims and the graphs on their website lack attribution and credibility. The clinical tests that VigRX claims to have passed are also unverified, and deficit the information about the company and/or lab where the tests were performed.

The results of the personal tests that were carried on our personal staff only showed an 11% success rate over a period of 5 weeks. After analyzing their website for the reviews that were posted in favor of the product, we found that most of these reviews were fake.


VigRX is supposed to be the #1 supplement in refining different areas of male sexual health. It is a sexual enhancer that alleges to improve your erection quality and orgasm duration.

First Take:

VigRX has been marketed in a strategic and planned way and claims that it contains a plethora of herbs that have been clinically tested. The use of VigRX yields a 11% increase in the areas of male sexual health. But, after conducting a series of extensive tests on VigRX, it was found that the herbs being used in its formula are of low-quality and interfere with its effectiveness. The fake reviews and unattributed graphs also trim down its credibility.


To determine the efficacy of VigRX, we conducted a 5-week long clinical and lab tests on VigRX. During the testing, it was found that the potency ratio of the herbs used in the formula was very low leading to the inefficiency of VigRX. The low potency ratio could be because most of the manufacturers rush the growing process of the herbs, which affects their quality. The reduction in the quality of the herbs can be up to 1/20th of their original quality.

The lab tests revealed that the potency ratio of VigRX was 5:1—which is at par from the average potency ratio of 20:1. There exist—in male enhancement industry—supplements that yield a potency ratio of 200:1 or 400:1. VigRX stands nowhere as compared to them.


Here is a brief look at the ingredients of VigRX:

  • Damiana Extract
  • Epimedium
  • Ginko Biloba
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Muira Puama

Though these herbs are, otherwise, helpful in improving areas like sex-drive, and libido, in male sexual health, the low quality and dosage used in VigRX make them unproductive.


VigRX failed to perform the changes it claimed, and our research gives it a D- grade. We would recommend VigRX to users if it had better quality of herbs in its formula. We recommend using FCK Power for significant improvement in libido and erection quality.


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