Turn Up the Heat in Your Sex Life

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  • March 7, 2017
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Sometimes all you want to do is crawl in bed after a long day at work and go to sleep. You may not even think to cuddle with your woman for even a bit. However, she is just waiting for you to initiate some sort of romantic connection again. No matter how long the two of you have been together, you still need to keep things exciting in the bedroom. The tips you find here are going to help you turn up the heat in your sex life any time!

Wear Sexier Boxers

preview-full-analOne of things that many women do to bring more heat into the bedroom is to wear sexy lingerie. There is no reason that men can’t wear something sex into the bedroom. Go out and get yourself some satin boxers. Women love these and it will feel so smooth against their skin. If you want to start getting them excited, do this today!

Use Food

There is no better reason to eat some dark chocolate than in the bedroom with your woman. Dark chocolate is an amazing aphrodisiac and you can use it to bring heat to your bedroom. You can also use it to help reduce your stress and get rid of fatigue so you have more energy for your woman as well. Lastly, dark chocolate is going to help you increase blood flow to your penis. Between Sexual Overdrive supplements and dark chocolate, you are going to have hard and satisfying erections.

Make the Bedroom Only a Bedroom

Sometimes if you have children or a lot to do, your bedroom may become cluttered with sippy cups, bottles or even just a bunch of clothes. Spend a bit of time getting all of that taken care of. Your bedroom needs to be only a bedroom. When you get all the clutter out of the bedroom, you are able to turn up the heat in your sex life. Less clutter, means less stress and that means more sex.

Have Music

Another way that you can heat up your sex life is to have music at bed time. Before you get into bed turn on some natural music. Make it relaxing and calming. You can even buy sensual CDs as well to bring the mood up at bed time.

Go to the Gym

You can and should also go to the gym or at least lift weights. If you want to be more attractive to your woman be sure you go to the gym. You should also be working out to increase your stamina. This will help you have more motivation to give your woman some attention at bed time and other times as well.

Give Rubdowns

Alright, so a rubdown may be a little of a play on words. However, your woman is going to be thankful and pleased if you rub on her when getting in bed. Women love massages and if you learn how to touch her properly, you can get her in the mood just like that.

Send Amazing Texts

There are many people who spice up and add heat to their sex life by sending sexy and amazing texts to their partner. If you want your woman to be ready for sex when you get home, send her a sexy text. Let her know how attractive she is to you.

Take a Shower Together

preview-full-shutterstock_544744618If you want to make some more time for your woman, you can get her in the shower with you after work. You may want to clean up a bit first and then invite her in. You can wash her body and soap her up. You may even end up having sex in the shower and that will certainly heat things up if you normally only have sex in the bedroom.

These are some excellent ways to turn up the heat in your sex life. If things have gotten boring already, now is the time to start doing any of these things. If they haven’t gotten boring yet, don’t let them get that far. You can always find a bit of time to heat things up. Even if you don’t have sex, adding some passion and intimacy to the relationship, will bring that heat up quite a bit.

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