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Tips to Get and Keep Your Erection

by Ryan Peters
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       Erectile dysfunction, you probably hate to hear or read that word, but you shouldn’t be so ashamed of yourself. Every man will experience it in his lifetime. You may find yourself totally in the mood, but you’re unable to get an erection, and this can be embarrassing and frustrating.

       You should know that you’re not alone though, in fact, 15 percent of men in the prime of their lives admitted to not being able to keep an erection. It’s not a problem of age sometimes, though that can be a factor, there are several ways to help your body make this a less frequent occurrence and help boost your confidence again. Following some simple tips can improve your ability to get and keep an erection, and they may also help in other areas of your life too.

The most important thing for you to do is to stay healthy.

        Go to the gym and lose those extra pounds, or just make exercise a daily activity in your life. Get plenty of sleep and cut the bad habits. Head to the gym, but make sure to focus on cardio. If you can believe, a healthy heart and blood flow are going to be the best defense against erectile dysfunction but stay away from the bikes though. Studies have shown that prolonged bike riding can actually cause erectile dysfunction. Keeping your heart pumping with aerobic exercise helps produce that needed nitric oxide that helps sustain erections in men. All this exercise should help you lose weight which is also going to be great for your sex life.

       Not only is being in shape going to help with your stamina, but it also helps prevent diabetes, which already sucks but also makes it even harder to get aroused. A whopping 50 percent of men with diabetes can’t get an erection. It affects your libido in two ways, first by slowing decreasing blood flow through arterial disease and then by numbing the body and decreasing the simulation your nerves can receive. So, keeping yourself in shape is just a good idea all around.

Another exercise routine that will improve your libido is running or walking if that’s too much to ask right now.

Seductive Woman Touching Partner's Abs       Just 20 minutes of a steady jog will cut the amount of erection problems you may face in half. Getting plenty of sleep is also not only just good life practice, but necessary to keep your penis in healthy shape. You might have noticed if you wake up in the night or early in the morning an erection has formed in your sleep, these are not only normal, but very important. A healthy adult man had about 3 to 5 erections a night, they tend to last about an hour as well, so if you’re not getting enough sleep, neither is your member. Without these nightly movements the tissues of your penis might become weak over the years and you can probably imagine what that leads to.

You have probably heard this a million times but stop smoking.

       For real, its not only bad for your overall health but is also a proven cause of impotence. Why are you still doing it? Get help if you need, because it not only is going to damage penis tissues but also blood vessels. There are a million other reasons I could tell you why you should stop smoking, but for now, you should just know it will make it harder for you to perform in bed. Keeping yourself trim and in shape is going to drastically change your erectile problems.

A few more things that could help your nightly troubles are very surprising.

       We talked about staying healthy and cutting cigarettes out of your life, but don’t worry though, to prevent these problems you don’t have to cut out all your addictions. In fact, coffee can help your erectile dysfunction. It’s thought that drinking what amounts to about 3 to 3 cups per day can actually prevent the common bedtime blues from making you a visit.

Another crazy thing that can help you perform more consistently is getting a vasectomy.

       You may not even realize it, but a pregnancy scare is probably always on your mind, and that anxiety this can cause can kill an erection faster than anything else. If your all done making your little ones or don’t want any little tots at all, you might consider just taking it out of the equation.

Another anxiety-inducing activity is an affair.

bent candle, erectile dysfunction       Hey, I’m not here to judge, but it’s incredibly common for men who are cheating to have erectile dysfunction. If you are feeling guilty about the girl you’ve been shagging on the side, you might find it impossible to get it up at all. My best advice to you on this is to maybe fess up, see a marriage counselor and reevaluate your life.

And finally, take it easy.

       I know lovemaking is a wonderful experience that everyone probably loves, but you can cause some serious damage to your member. Keep your thrusts calm and well-aimed. It only takes one misguided move to ruin sex forever. You have what’s called a corposa cavernosa, which is the tube that runs down your penis, unfortunately, trauma to this is common and causes most problems with impotent men. Just be careful and don’t be too aggressive in bed, and you should be fine.

Sex is a glorious activity. It can be very frustrating and demeaning when you can’t perform, but there are ways to prevent this.

       There will be moments in your life when you experience these problems though, but remember that you are not alone, and most men will have similar issues in their lifetimes. Keeping yourself healthy and constantly searching for new medical advances and answers can prevent a lifetime of embarrassment. You don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction, talk to a doctor and your spouse to find the best solutions for you to keep you happy and satisfied.

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