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These 7 Qualities Make You More Attractive to Women

by Joe Gates
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Are you one of those guys with fat cash in pockets yet struggle to attract a high quality and loving woman? If yes, you’re not alone. Many men believe that the easiest way to win a woman’s heart is by showering her with material things and providing her every wish and whims. Such can happen but only in the short run.

Most often, quality women look for a quality guy, which means it may not have always to do with your fortune. Being a quality person means being someone who sees yourself as being more valuable than your fancy car, or lavish lifestyle. It means your power doesn’t depend on your assets but on how you carry yourself that extends to the way you handle relationships. Such are the qualities that women almost always fall for in a guy.

So, if you’re looking for the woman in your dreams, make sure you have the following qualities that make you more attractive in her eyes.

Passion driven

If you’re passionate about something and go after it, you’re one step ahead of your peers. Most women are attracted to guys who clearly know what they want and do everything to get it. They’re the guys who are driven by their powerful goals and pursue them relentlessly. Whether you are an entrepreneur who aims to make your first million or the artist who aims to perfect your craft, you are, in a way, making yourself more attractive in the eyes of women.

The point is, when you do things from the deepest part of your being and not to seek validation, you’re raising your energies to attract the right woman to you.

Sense of humor

fun at homeWomen like men who know how to paint a smile on their lips and make the atmosphere a bit lighter. Life is full of stress. Being with someone who makes every part of life an issue can be suffocating. But a partner who knows how to be playful and cracks some jokes is fun to be with. Women find men who have a considerable sense of humor to be sexy and attractive.

If you’re the more serious guy, start to get out of your comfort zone. Read humorous books, watch funny videos, and listen to funny stories your friends share. This way, you can get inspiration from their good vibes and can pass it on with constant practice.

But strive not to appear comical. Instead, be your natural self. Practice in front of the mirror or your family. The first few attempts may be awful but let it not stop you from making yourself more lighthearted. Your hard work will pay off as time goes by.

Works on inner growth

Your growth doesn’t end up after puberty. You may no longer grow in your 20s or 30s physically, but you still have enough room to grow emotionally and mentally. Giving time and effort to your inner work makes you more mature.

Women shun away from men whose license shows the numbers but their attitude doesn’t. Becoming mature from the inside out is also one key to making all your relationships fulfilling. It makes you more understanding of people, which make women notice you. Women prefer men who have a wide understanding because they know it’s a quality hard to find in a partner.

If working on your inner self requires you to hire a coach to solve your past life issues, don’t hesitate to do so. People who have a growth mindset always strive to work on themselves for their betterment and their future relationships.

Values connection

Women are wired to be more emotional than men and put more value on how people make them feel. They want to be seen, heard, and understood. Sadly, not all men can do this. Not that they don’t care. They’re just less aware. This is why women can’t help but admire men who can be fully present with their partners.

Be the man who is there when her cat dies or when she fights with her mother. Your presence and connection mean a lot to her. If you can give her 100 percent of your attention, then you’re way more attractive than the guy who drives a BMW but doesn’t know how to be affectionate.

Takes responsibility

Men are expected to be good leaders, in which case not all men have the capacity to do so. Though we have come to the generation where men and women take turns to lead, women still look up to men who can lead the way with great responsibility.

You don’t have to be a power-hungry jackass though. You only have to develop patience and accountability, which are essential qualities of a good leader. Loving women like to look up to their men. Be someone whom she could look up to and defend when the situation calls for.

Shows emotions

In the past, men who show vulnerability are called weak and even considered to be jezebels. Thankfully, we have come to the era where men are welcome to show their emotions despite the power and prestige they hold.

When you show emotions, people may accuse you of being a “softie.” So, what? There’s nothing wrong with being emotional when your favorite character in the movie dies or your favorite talent in reality tv is voted off the show. Being vulnerable means you’re being human, which women love because they know you’d be able to relate to them.

Therefore, stop erecting your defenses when people accuse you of being vulnerable. Be proud instead that you’re a human being who has emotions but man enough to show them. And your woman will admire you more for that.

Strives to be the best version of himself

couple running togetherWomen can’t help but admire men who constantly push their limits to unleash their full potential. You are more than what you believe yourself to be. Your brain is malleable, which means you can learn anything you wish to and achieve power that can push you to greater heights, be it in career or relationships. But you can only do this when your body and mind work hand in hand to unleash your inner power.

The keys to achieving this are eating the right food, hitting the gym, and creating healthy habits. But all these activities require more energy and stamina, which does not always happen. You get more energy from the food you eat. When you don’t eat the right food, you won’t have enough energy to fuel your workouts and other activities.

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