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The Secrets Your Woman Could Be Keeping From You

by Steve Gordon
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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hey say that a woman is a very mysterious thing. Women are mysteries wrapped in enigmas, wrapped in lingerie. There are things you know about them – their family, their likes, their dislikes, their love for you, their dreams and ambitions – but there are also things you don’t know about them.

These are things that are only ever hinted at. You might catch your girl smiling suggestively during breakfast, and wonder what in the hell she could be thinking. She tells you it was nothing, just a film she was recalling. Go back to your cereal. You might find her giggling with laughter during a dream, and wonder what deep-seated mystery she’s covering up in the remote regions of her mind.

Because whilst she will tell you a lot of things, there are things you’ll never get to know. Mysteries she’ll take to her grave, complex enigmas and riddles that make the rubix cube seem like a walk in the park.

Her Best Friend Knows You Inside Out

You might think you know your girlfriend inside out, but her best friend definitely knows you inside out. Her best friend knows how good you are in bed, how big you are, and how much is in your bank account. When you catch her best friend giggling at you, you better start wondering what exactly she’s giggling at. Because it isn’t your new spot, it’s something much deeper.

She’s Slept With X Amount Of Men

You might think you know how many men she’s slept with – but you’ve no idea. If a woman says she’s slept with four men, it means she’s slept with seven. If she says 10, it means 15. And so on. There are good reasons for lying, of course, and one of them is that she doesn’t want to look easy.

She Fantasied About You Early On

It’d be awesome if she admitted that she was throbbing with desire for you from day one, but the chances are that she’ll never admit to this. The truth is, though, that women do fantasise about your at least a dozen times before they finally get you into bed. How cool is that?

Her Body Wasn’t Always This Hairless

Women take a lot of time to get themselves looking good for you. Their hairless, perfectly smooth body didn’t just happen, no matter how much you’d love to believe it. It isn’t natural. Of course, they’ll never tell you this.

She Still Thinks About Her Exes

Ex-boyfriends won’t be constantly on her mind, but she will still think about them – and compare them to you. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as most of the time you’ll win. But, um, sometimes you might not.

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