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The CEO Talks About All-Natural Performance

by John Jones

The testosterone-boosting segment is now the fastest-growing segment in the supplement industry. More consumers are just beginning to learn about the immense benefits of testosterone-boosting supplements, and experts estimate that the segment will continue to grow in the next few years.

Testosterone is the male hormone that influences mood, libido, muscle growth, strength, and more, and plenty of studies prove that certain ingredients can influence testosterone production and retention in men. We asked the Founder and CEO of UltraCore Supplements to discuss testosterone supplements, and why he chose to make Male UltraCore, a testosterone supplement, the flagship supplement of UltraCore Supplements:

UsaHealthyMen: You’ve been on the record talking about testosterone and how it’s a key supplement for male performance. Why do you think men should take their testosterone levels seriously?

It’s not just me – it’s proven by science that testosterone greatly affects male performance. It’s the hormone that makes men, “men”, so to speak, but the body doesn’t produce much of it in the latter stages of life, and this weakens a man’s overall performance. Muscles get weaker, libido fizzles out, and these are the things that make men feel older than they should be. Men should take their testosterone levels seriously because it’s a slow, but steady decline. Testosterone levels decline about 1-2% every year, and it eventually reaches a point that is low enough to start affecting a man’s performance. The great thing about this is you can act on it and prevent your testosterone levels from declining even further, and restore your normal testosterone production.

UsaHealthyMen: With a company like UltraCore Supplements, you could have chosen any kind of supplement to be your flagship product. Why did you choose a Male UltraCore to be your flagship product?

The CEO Talks About All-Natural Performance

When I started UltraCore Supplements, we were already set on creating the finest testosterone supplement that could be made. It’s both business and personal when we created Male UltraCore. We know that the industry is lacking a true performance supplement that caters to the needs of every man, regardless of age. Older men want to regain the performance that they’ve lost over the years, and younger guys need to push themselves to the top. This is a field we know very well. I’ve been involved with fitness all my life, and I understand what men need and want, and this is the perfect supplement to give them exactly what they need.

USAHealthyMen: but there’s always TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), a doctor-prescribed treatment to help increase testosterone levels. What makes Male UltraCore different from TRT?

I wouldn’t have pushed for a testosterone supplement if there was a better alternative, that’s for sure. I tried TRT once, and I deeply regretted it. Once I got off TRT, my testosterone levels dipped to a record low. My doctor said I had the testosterone levels of a  12-year-old, and that really affected my physique, libido, and my performance. What we did with Male UltraCore is something that TRT cannot possibly do. We selected ingredients that help increase natural testosterone production, as opposed to supplying the body with synthetic testosterone, which is what TRT does to the body. That way, Male UltraCore doesn’t mess up your natural testosterone production. You can start and stop Male UltraCore without having any significant risk to your health, and on top of that, you get a superb increase in testosterone and blood flow that takes your performance to a whole new level.

USAHealthyMen: Doctors prescribe TRT to their patients, should they go for Male UltraCore instead?

I’m in no way advocating that you shouldn’t listen to your doctor, but I believe that these days, TRT is over-prescribed to patients, that you just have to visit your doctor and ask for it. It’s so easy to get, without considering the lifetime damage to your body when you take it. TRT is a legitimate treatment for men who have hypogonadism, but not for men who are within the normal testosterone range. If you think you have hypogonadism, a urologist or an endocrinologist would perhaps prescribe TRT, and they consider all the factors to it. These days, family doctors in wellness clinics prescribe TRT the most, and that’s something to think about before taking the risk.

USAHealthyMen: Could you tell us more about how Male UltraCore is different from TRT and why you think going natural is the best course for your customers?

The body has its way of balancing your hormones. For instance, your testosterone production stops when the body senses that it has too much testosterone. We call it hormonal balance, and it’s all about the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis – and TRT breaks that delicate balance by infusing synthetic testosterone in the body. Since the body senses, it has enough testosterone, it doesn’t engage the natural testosterone production, so the testes, where testosterone is produced, shrinks. When you stop taking TRT, the gonads don’t just resume its old function. For most guys, the damage is too far gone that they lose the ability to produce testosterone naturally.

Male UltraCore uses ingredients that stimulate testosterone production, to kick testosterone production into high gear and allow you to experience the androgenic benefits of testosterone. We use ingredients that engage different pathways so you experience a more sustained, more efficient testosterone enhancement process that will also keep your testosterone levels within the normal spectrum.

USAHealthyMen: What advice do you have for men out there who could use your product?

Performance starts with health. No shortcut will bypass your health to gain better performance. That means that you have to make your health a priority, and part of that is making sure that you maintain your body’s natural process. I see no point in taking a huge health risk just to look great and feel strong, and that’s exactly why we created Male UltraCore. We want a product that will support your health and improve your overall performance, without putting your health at risk.

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