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The 10 Commandments for Eating Healthy 

by Steve Gordon
The 10 Commandments for Eating Healthy

When it comes to eating healthy, there are certain things you should remember so you don’t succumb to the almighty germ. When you eat healthy, you feel more awake, feel better, feel more energetic, and you rarely get sick or feel worn out.

There’s a reason why guys who are out of shape get winded when just walking up some stairs, and it’s not only because they never exercise. It’s because their diets most likely are bad, and they’re not getting the right amount of nutrition to stave off fatigue.

So here are the 10 commandments for staying healthy:

#1 – Be Active

When you’re active, you build up a good appetite, and this means you’ll eat healthier. Prepare in advance so you’re not too hungry to cook anything.

#2 – Be Smart

Be smart about your food choices. McDonald’s after a workout is like putting diesel fuel in your regular gas car. Skip that noise, and head to your fridge.

#3 – Skip the Sweets

Suagr is not that good for you, at least in excess like a lot of people do. If you eat too much, it turns right to fat, so limit it or skip it altogether.

#4 – Eat in Moderation

Eating in moderation means don’t gorge yourself at each meal. This is a one-way ticket to fat land, and the tickets are on sale.

#5 – Eat in Small Meals

Eating small meals allows your body to catch up to your calories and digest them faster. 3 of these per day, and you won’t get fat usually.

#6 – Protein, Protein, Protein

Protein makes you feel full for a long time, so eating plenty of it will be enough to make you feel full and allow you to fight the urge to eat more.

#7 – Carbs are Your Best Buds

Despite what everyone thinks, carbs are pretty solid for you. You get plenty of energy from them, and they’re usually pretty tasty.

#8 – Greens Win

Green veggies are your best friends too, and it’s because they contain so many vitamins and essential nutrients that you couldn’t live without them for too long. You need these in your life, so don’t skip them.

#9 – Salad is Stupid

Salad with mostly lettuce is really stupid. For one, lettuce is devoid of nutrition except for water. Plus, you don’t want to fill up on fillers, really. What’s the point?

#10 – Eat Slowly

Eating slowly will fight off heartburn, fat gain, and overeating. When you eat slowly, your stomach is able to catch up, and you’ll feel full almost half as fast than if you ate super-fast and your brain couldn’t catch up in time.

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