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Do Something About Your Boring Sex Life Right Now

by Steve Gordon
Lovers Passion

You hear about sex and all you think are naughty and juicy ideas, but like everything in this world, it can also disappoint. Some sex is fine, some can be marvelous and some can be overrated. The more you do it, the less fascinating it becomes, especially in a long-term relationship. It eventually becomes a routine. The moment it bores you is the time you actually think of it as a chore and that is not good for your relationship or your sex life, either. Sex is fun and should remain as one.  You may think it’s irreversible when sex becomes boring, but it’s not! There are things you can do, simple things, to regain the excitement and satisfaction sex once allowed you to feel.

Eye contact

preview-full-shutterstock_387937375Gazing at each other deepens connection, which in turns intensifies the arousal.  Lock eyes with your partner for at least a minute or even throughout the entire action. The longer you stare into each other’s eyes, the more connected you feel. This makes sex more stimulating and overall engaging. Doing so also makes one another feel wanted, which is an exciting way to feel. When the exhilaration surpasses the physical and going beyond and tapping emotions, you know it’s going to be a remarkable tryst.


Teasing means you’re letting playfulness has a say in the relationship, which is important if it’s better sex you’re after. You can play with each other’s erogenous zones until you can no longer stand it. Nearing your orgasm without a release actually builds sexual tension so that when you finally reach your release, it’ll be mind-blowing.

Get really close

It’s not so hard to get personal, intimate and really close, is it? The skin-to-skin contact allows the both of you to be closer than ever, which results to things heating up.

Try a new place

preview-full-shutterstock_298379312Having sex in the same room can get tiresome eventually. Generally, we sometimes long to go to another place to experience a different ambiance. It’s the same with the location for sex. The bedroom is not the only place you can engage in sexual tryst with your partner. There’s the kitchen, the couch in the living room, the kitchen sink or wherever that’s outside the bedroom. The change of location is naturally exciting and it’s sort of naughty to do it somewhere else besides the bed.

Amplify your senses

You can take turns blindfolding each other. The anticipation of what the other is going to do will electrify your desires. Also, removing one sense will heighten the others, which will surely make the sexual experience more titillating.

Use lube

Lube is not just for women with dryness. It can actually contribute to getting a sexier, hotter and longer sex for both of you. By augmenting sensation and lessening friction, you can slide along her nerve endings faster. This leads to extra stimulation.

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