Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Review: Is it a hoax?

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Review: Is it a hoax?

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Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Investigation

Skin care solutionThe signs of aging skin can be an uphill battle and many commercial skin care solutions available on the current market aggravate the problem. A Solvaderm creation offers a skin care solution which the manufacturer claims have the ability to lighten dark marks;eliminate blemishes; and erase lines attempting to creep up on the skin.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm is said to live up to the title as it is designed to hydrate dry areas and brighten tired skin with extremely powerful properties. These components are said to specifically revitalize the skin’s elasticity that begins to disappear through the aging process.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Properties and Actions

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm PropertiesLavender oil, also labeled as Lavandula Angustifolia, is aproperty which offers anti-fungal and antiseptic compounds. It encourages the healing process to remedy many skin issues; inciteanti-inflammatory actions; and fight against bacteria which is the cause of blemishes.

Alpha hydroxy acids are also an ingredient which is often found in over the counter and prescribed skin care formulas. These sugar acids are extracted from fruit and milk. It sloths away managed skin cells creating a path for fresh skin cells to shine.

Glycolic acid is another version of alpha hydroxy in this skin care formula. It assists in sloughing away even more dead skin cells making way for bright, new skin cells

Prescription and over the counter skin care products also often include beta hydroxy obtained from salicylic acid. It has soothing abilities removing dull, damaged skin cells so that only healthy, radiant skin is visible.

Lactic Acid is yet anotherkind of alpha hydroxy acid on this ski care team. This one is expressed from fruit to improve collagen manufacture; encourage cell renewal; and support elasticity.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Instructions

Consumers are instructed to cleanse the skin with this product once a day.

Tip: The hydroxy acids included in this formula worsen sun damage.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Assets and Deficits

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Assets

Scientific research is available for the properties used in this formula.

Consumers are given 60 days to request a refund.

Solvaderm says it is non-greasy.

There is an abundance of positive reviews for this brand name.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Deficits

A return authorization number is required on all returns.

This product may worsen damage caused by UVA rays.

Consumers say it feels non-greasy.

Any type of customer reviews is scarce for Rejuvoderm.

This skin care solution is very expensive.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Storefront

A 4-ounce tube of this product can be purchased on skin care websites for around $65. It is also sold on the company’s site.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Last Vote

There are numerous wonderful posts concerning most of the products in this brand’s line. Those pertaining to Professional Strength Rejuvoderm are scarce at best. The company provides a return policy which allows 60 days to request a reimbursement. This does not seem effective as it accepts no opened containers. This is a poor purchase decision.