Semenex – Overview   

Semenex - Overview
[dropcap]I[dropcap]n a world where manufacturers claim to have products that can enhance the male sexual health by improving their sex drive, libido, penis size etc., the launch of a product like Semenex is appealing. This product does not focus on increasing the sex drive, or sexual desire, but claims to increase the amount of semen produced by you. Owing to the functional ingredients present in the formula, this supplement alleges to provide better orgasms and ejaculations to men.

But, unfortunately, the results of our tests and lab experiments are not in the favour of Semenex. This supplement does not increase your semen production, and there is no logical science to support the idea that its ingredients might help in escalating the semen produced in your glands.


The prime use of Semenex is to increase the seminal fluids in the body of a male. According to its manufacturers, this supplement is to be used by men—suffering from any kind of sexual deficiencies—to experience enhanced, longer, and more pleasurable orgasms in bed.

This product has been designed for males who want to perform better in bed without altering their penis size.

First Take

A careful observation of the ingredients present in Semenex revealed that the product has an excellent choice of herbs, which work at refining the sexual health of a male. Its affordable price also makes it an easily accessible supplement. But, there are more cons to Semenex use. After performing tests it was found that neither does Semenex increase semen production nor does it enhance the pleasure and duration of an orgasm. The explanations given by the manufacturer are false and unreliable.


Semenex  claims that it solely works on increasing the semen production in your glands, which in turn increases the delight and length of your orgasms.

We took the initiative of performing multiple tests to determine the efficacy of Semenex. Our series of tests involved lab tests—carried out by a third party—to check the ingredients and practical tests on our own professionals to see whether or not it increased the semen production.

After carrying out the tests for a time period of 5 weeks, we found that Semenex failed to increase the levels of semen produced during ejaculation. The formula simply does not work, and the science used by the manufacturers to explain its working principle is rather make-believe.


Semenex consists of the following ingredients:

  • Swedish Flower: is known for assisting in a better flow of urine.
  • L-Arginine: is an amino acid that is proved helpful for treating infertility and erectile dysfunctions in males.
  • Horny Goat Weed: helps in defeating erectile dysfunctions.
  • Zinc Oxide: is known for boosting up the levels of libido.
  • Catuba Bark: used to improve sexual contentment.
  • Pumpkin Seed: help in treating prostate problems.
  • Vitamin E: maintains smooth blood flow in the body.
  • Sarsaparilla
  • L-Lysine

The ingredients present in Semenex are otherwise very useful in enhancing areas of male sexual health but, fail to increase the semen production.


In case you still have a doubt, we do not recommend Semenex for males who are looking for increase in semen production. This supplement gets an F grade. It would be wise to skip this supplement and look for an alternative like Libido Booster Extreme. The high potent formula of Libido Booster Extreme assists in amplifying sex-drive, erection and orgasm quality, and libido.

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