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Regular Everyday Occurrences That Can Boost Sex

by Ryan Peters
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Maybe you haven’t really thought about it too much, but there are certain occasions that happen during the day where sex can be beneficial. Or reciprocally, where something that happens during the day could benefit your sexual experience. These are all things that may not happen every single day, but they happen often enough that you might not even think of the benefits that it could bring to your sex life. Additionally, it’s not like more sex in your life could possibly be a bad thing.

Morning sex is great.

Have you tried it? If not you should. Your body is actually at its sexual prime first thing in the morning — as soon as you wake up. Your testosterone levels are at their highest. Your energy reserves are at their peak. This can lead to some great sex. And, not only that, but the endorphins and other hormones you release during sex can be beneficial throughout your day. They improve your mood and make your days that much better. Plus, your body produces a hormone that actually makes you feel closer to your partner, deepening your feelings and your relationship. These are some nice side effects of some really great morning sex.

couple in bed, morning sexAccording to some recent studies, the best morning sex could be on the day you have a big presentation or public speaking engagement. Sex is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. It releases hormones that will naturally lower your anxiety levels. Research has shown that sex lowers your blood pressure and calms you down. Better than any other natural remedies. So, sex is a great way to start your day, but on a day that you know is going to be stressful, it can give you that boost that you need to attack your day and crush it.

Speaking of stress, morning sex isn’t the only way to keep those stress levels down.  Have you had a particularly bad day? Work was rough. Your boss let you have it for something that wasn’t your fault. You noticed a scratch or dent in your car in the parking lot with no note. You got some particularly bad news. A great way to crush those negative feelings and help to relieve stress and anxiety is to have some sex with your significant other. In fact, any form of physical affection — any physical manifestation of togetherness, even merely holding hands — can have truly impressive benefits on your stress levels. These physical interactions can keep your stress levels down for days. And in terms of the actual sex, stress can lead to anger and releasing that anger through a particularly passionate bout of lovemaking can lead to some of the best sex of your life. Definitely worth giving it a shot.

Another thing about having more sex, in general, is that it’s been shown in some studies that it can actually boost your immune system. So, a great time to have sex is during cold and flu season. Just remember that if you’re already feeling symptoms, it’s too late. This goes for zinc or most other natural remedies that claim to boost your immune system too. Once you feel a cold coming on — it’s just too late. If you’re having sex with your partner after you feel symptoms coming on, you’re just spreading your germs to them. I doubt they’d appreciate that. And I doubt you’re going to be increasing your sex life any time soon if you expose them to the flu virus without their knowledge. But you can boost your immune system before any symptoms come on. You can limit the length of a cold by boosting your immune system naturally by increasing the amount of sex you have during the annual cold and flu season.

So enough about you. What about her?

couple having sex on kitchen counterAre there any times specific to your partner that boost sex, making it better for her? Her body is primed and ready to go two weeks into her monthly cycle. Due to physical changes that occur naturally during her cycle, her clitoris will be larger than normal and easier to engorge when aroused. Her body is, essentially, craving sex. Of course, this is because she’s ovulating — or close to it — too though, so make sure — if you’re not planning on having kids any time soon — that you’re taking the necessary precautions. Use condoms, practice safe sex, make sure she’s on birth control and taking it regularly, etc. Be smart. But because of the natural physical changes that her body is undergoing, she will be able to orgasm more easily, making sex more pleasurable for her.

So, when are some other times where sex can be made even better by things that you’re doing in your daily life? One that you can give a try is sex right after going to the gym. Working out itself is a great stress release — a great way to blow off some steam. But when you exercise, just like when you first wake up in the morning, you see a huge boost in your testosterone. This’ll boost your libido and sex drive. But that’s just for you. What about for her? Same thing. Exercise increases the blood flow to her sex organs and genitals. This increases her ability to have an orgasm during sex — again, making sex more pleasurable for her.

Another time that can make sex more exciting is after something particularly scary or exhilarating occurs. Get that adrenaline pumping, and when you’re coming down, grab your partner, bring them close and get down to business.  Your and her bodies will be in a high state of arousal at this moment so a shared experience is even better for sex. Your response to sexual stimuli is also heightened by this kind of experience, making sex more spontaneous and pleasurable. Your sexual attraction to others and your libido and sex drive are also boosted by a sudden increase in adrenaline, so a frightening or exhilarating experience can make sex that much more intense and fun.

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