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Reasons You May be Adding on Weight Instead of Losing It

by Steve Gordon
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Have you looked at the scale lately and realized you are adding on weight instead of losing it? If so, how frustrated does that make you? If you are as frustrated as other men have been when seeing their weight, you should do what you can to figure out why you are adding on weight. Once you can get this figured out, you will have the reasoning behind your weight gain. You can take that reason and make changes to start losing weight. Learn about the most common reasons some men are gaining weight instead of losing it.

Education of Weight Loss

preview-full-shutterstock_187173989There are some men who are gaining weight instead of losing it because they don’t have the education they need in regards to weight loss. You need to know how your body responds to the food you put into it and the things you do daily as well. If you aren’t moving around enough throughout the entire day, you may gain weight. If all of your meals aren’t balanced, you may be gaining weight. The more education you get on the process of losing weight, the more you can learn what changes need to be made.

Going on a Diet

The majority of people do not quite understand how a diet works on their body. Many people will follow the first diet they read about and expect it to work. The first thing to note about going on a diet is that while eating right can help you lose weight, you need to exercise as well to keep that weight off. Most diets are bad for your health and will only cause you to hold on the weight for longer. You need to make sure you the diet you go on includes eating balanced meals and putting nutritious foods on your plate. A diet should not be about going hungry. It should be about putting foods into your stomach that are healthy and that help you to feel full longer.

Getting Older

preview-full-belly_682_993157aSome men are able to lose weight easier when they are younger but once they hit a certain age it is like the scale is broken and won’t go down. The truth is that as you get older, it is going to become more difficult for you to burn higher numbers of calories so you can lose more weight. When you get older, you are also going to lose some of the muscle mass you have and your human growth hormone and testosterone levels are going to drop as well. When these things drop, it is much harder for your body to burn off fat. You can get your testosterone levels back up by taking Xtreme Testosterone supplements daily.

Hanging with Friends

What happens when you hang out with your friends? If you go out to eat with them and eat greasy foods, your social life is affecting your weight loss goals. If the friends you hang out with don’t care about being healthy or supporting your weight loss goals, you may need to back away for a bit or find others to hang out with who will support you.

Sleeping Schedule

Another reason you may be gaining that weight instead of losing it is the way you sleep. Your body needs to get healthy sleep in order to help you lose weight. When you are sleeping, your body gets all your hormones balanced again so you can burn off fat. You do have to be careful with this though. If you sleep too much, you could actually gain weight. You need just the right amount of sleep (between seven and nine hours is recommended each night).

Medications You Take

There may be some medications you take that have a side effect of weight gain. If this is the case, you may need to take weight loss supplements to help push along your weight loss efforts. You could also talk to your doctor about choosing another medication that doesn’t have weight gain as a side effect.

With knowing these reasons that you might be gaining weight, you can make changes so you can start losing weight instead.

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