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Ready to Play With Yourself? Here are Some New Things to Try 

by Steve Gordon

If you’re a dude, there’s a solid chance that you’ve been going to town on yourself since you were like 12 years old or so, and sometimes even sooner than that.

It’s just what guys do, and it doesn’t really ever stop. Sure, you stop beating off 5 times per day and only do it twice per day, but even two times per day is a lot.

And two times per day can get boring if you’re just doing the same thing over and over again.

Luckily, people have caught on to this market space, and have brought out some products that can help you have more fun when you’re flying solo.

Here are some awesome things to try:

#1 – Spare condoms? Wear one and give it a go!

Condoms really suck when you’re having sex, but did you know the act of trying something taboo like wearing a condom when you’re masturbating can be enough to turn you on even more?

It’s true. Plus, you have nothing to clean up when you’re done. You just finish right into the condom and call it a day.

These things are cheap, so don’t feel bad if you want to do this a few times to break the cycle. Don’t forget to buy more for when you actually have sex. There’s nothing worse than wasting all of them on yourself and having none for actual sex.

We’ve all been there, right?

#2- Try a Fleshlight

If you haven’t heard of a fleshlight before, it’s basically what you’re thinking right now. “It sounds like you’re saying flashlight.”

Almost! This thing is shaped like a flashlight, and you even sort of hold it like one. But the inside of it is shaped like a real vagina, and is even lubed up to mimic the sensation.

You stick this thing on top of your penis and go up and down with it.

It’s weird, but most men who have tried it can’t go back to regular jacking off.

It’s pretty cheap, too. Can’t go wrong here.

#3 – Give Those Balls a Good Touching!

Most dudes don’t touch their balls when jerking off, and this is probably because they don’t know what secrets these things hold.

There are thousands of pleasure receptors in the balls, and you’re missing out of tons of activity by leaving them out.

By touching them, rubbing them, and bouncing them, masturbating will feel much better. it’s most likely because you’re mimicking the act of sex. When you’re having sex, your balls move and slap the girl.

It’s the same thing!

Now you’re ready for some fun. Give these a try!

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