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Are Quest Protein Bars The Protein Bar For You?

by Steve Gordon
Are Quest Protein Bars The Protein Bar For You?

I think I have literally tried every single protein bar on the market and I honestly at one point or another am sick of them all. I just want a protein bar that packs the most amount of protein into the least amount of calories and have it not taste like poo poo doo doo, for lack of better words. Why is this such a tall order in the fitness and nutrition world? That is why today I am going to talk about the first time I tried a Quest Nutrition Bar and possibly fell in love. I will also talk about some of the things I did not like so much about it also, but first let’s talk shop.

Why Protein Bars?

Ingredients of Quest Protein BarsMost of my gym buddies criticize me for not hammering the shakes back like I’m in a Kelis music video. Protein bars are just so much more no fuss no muss, or maybe I mean mess. Shakes are messy, you have to carry around the dang canister with you and then your shaker and then you have to clean your shaker. Call me lazy, that sounds like a lot of work when I can get a dry, version that tastes like dessert in a foil packet I can toss after I devour the deliciousness. The hard part is finding a good bar with a lot of nutrients and protein that doesn’t have too much sugar or carbs. Shakes for some reason have more options for the health conscious than bars. But this is just a breakdown of why I’m a bars kind-of-guy.

Protein Bars Aren’t Just for Power Lifters

Improve muscle strengthWomen and men who aren’t seeking that Vin Diesel look often are trying to avoid protein because they are scared they’ll “get bulky”, on the contrary protein can help keep you lean and trim as every. Protein keeps you so full that you won’t need to reach for the carbs and sugars. It can be a great way to diet without the lifting and grunting. Protein bars also have amino acids, which is a little known fact and those babies are totally necessary to having a healthy mind and body.

So here is what I liked and didn’t like so much about Quest Protein Bars….

I liked the taste, I really did and I am pretty picky. The chocolate was on point; it wasn’t overly sickly sweet with really bad artificial tasting sugar-free stuff that most protein bars have that are just gag worthy. I like how much protein there is for as little calories as there are, it is a good bang for the buck. I like obviously how easy it is to take with you everywhere as I discussed earlier. What I don’t love about this bar is the fact that it is a whey protein isolate, I much prefer a plant-based alternative.

So while this isn’t my “holy grail” protein bar, I definitely will keep these around and rotate them in. I will keep hunting for my dream hemp protein bar, but in the meantime this will do.

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