Home Health Purus Labs D-Pol – Is it worth purchasing?

Purus Labs D-Pol – Is it worth purchasing?

by Steve Gordon
Purus Labs D-Pol - Is it worth purchasing?

When looking for a supplement, you want something that is going to work and not just a bunch of ingredients that have been mixed together without a purpose. You want something that has been specially designed to create a formula that does the best job possible.

Of course, every brand claims to be the best and help you achieve your goals – but how do you know which ones are telling the truth? You can’t possibly spend hours researching all the different ingredients and perform lab tests to find out if they work well together. So what do you do?

We have put together reviews based on clinical testing and inserted our own expert knowledge of different types of natural herbs and extracts to give you a better idea of which supplements are going to do the best job for you.

Product description

Gain musclePurus Labs D-Pol supposedly acts as a testosterone booster. The manufacturer claims that this supplement will help your energy levels and assist you in achieving bigger muscles in the healthiest way possible.

If this product works and does, in fact increase testosterone production then you will feel the advantages to not just your physique – but to your sex life too.

Ingredients and formula

By using a variety of vitamins this company claim that this formula will work and nit only fast, but instantly! A pretty bold statement so let’s see how they came up with it . . .

Adding Vitamin D3 will improve the neuromuscular system, while Vitamin B6 will ensure the normal function within the nervous system.

Then there is Vitamin B9 which is known a s a folic acid and will help the boy’s normal functions while Vitamin B12 will boost the metabolism and facilitate natural functions of nervous tissues.

To improve male fertility, D-Aspartic Acid will release hormones by sending signals from the brain’s centre and working together with the L-Aspartic Acid.

Every component discussed is totally harmless and will not cause any unwanted side effects or damage. This product cuts out using stimulants and avoids using anything artificial making it 100% safe.


Per bottle you will pay $33.99 and receive ninety tablets. This is a month’s supply at three per day, but the downside is that the pills are rather large and quite chalky. Some people may struggle with swallowing and opt to find an alternative.


Testosterone BoosterIt is a fact that this supplement is extremely safe to use, but are the ingredients anything more than Vitamins? No.

When we look to boost testosterone levels we like to see Tongkat Ali, for example or Horny Goat Weed which are two herbs that are fantastic in achieving this goal. Indigenous people from around the world have been using this plant for as long as they can remember! Not just for themselves either, for their animals and livestock in order for reproduction.

Xtreme Testosterone actually includes both of these extracts and only costs a shockingly low price of $19.95!



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