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Prostate 5LX Review: Is it effective?

by Steve Gordon
Prostate 5LX Review: Is it effective?

Prostate 5LX Summary

Prostate 5LX is a supplement created to support the health of your prostate, especially during the aging process. The formula is made with all-natural properties in order to ensure that it will not produce you the unwanted side effects that prescriptions often do. Most of the prescription medications manufactured to treat prostate enlargement cause a significant decline in your libido and your sexual performance can suffer greatly.  New Chapter claims that this herbal is effective in treating common symptoms of various prostate disorders. A few of the more annoying include embarrassing urine dribbling and discomfort during urination as well as frequent nightly bathroom breaks.

Prostate 5LX Ingredients and Functions

Prostate 5LX IngredientsAncient cultures recognized the power of Saw Palmetto berries long ago. It can thwart cancer development, especially in prostate tissue. These mazing little berries are capable of reducing swelling and balance hormones for optimal health.A compound extracted from Pumpkin Seeds has been on center stage recently to investigated. This inquiry was provoked by another trial in which it was found to improve urinate flow and relieve pain as well as shrink the swollen prostate.Stinging Nettle is another ancient medicine that is long been recognized for its health benefits by ancient cultures. It is said to function as pharmaceuticals designed to treat BPH minus the unwanted ED.Scientists and doctors alike believe that a selenium deficiency places men at a much higher risk of developing prostate issues. Research has revealed that this mineral may also cut prostate cancer mortality in half. Both rosemary oil and ginger extract are powerful weapons in the arsenal against prostatic cancer. They function as a team to inhibit tumorigenesis and reduce swelling by regulating the inflammatory response.

The package states that 2 gel-caps each day, preferably with food, is the daily dosage.

Prostate 5LX Pros and ConsProstate health

Prostate 5LX Pros

The components chosen for this formula have scientific data backing them.

Prostate 5 LX is an all-natural solution for prostate protection.

You can find numerous positive testimonials in regards to its efficacy from global consumers.

The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee issued through the site as a check card.

New Chapter provides a list on the company website of locations to purchase their products.

Prostate 5LX Cons

There are no clinical trials on the end product for your review.

It is one of the more expensive formulas of this type.

Order Spot

You will find a wide selection of sites for ordering Prostate 5LX and it is around $30 to $35 for 60 capsules which is said to be a one-month supply.


There is a great deal of praise for this supplement and each ingredient has been medically verified. There are also bad reviews and no published research studies for the post market product. The New Chapter company offers a money back guarantee through their website. It would appear that Prostate 5LX legitimate prostate protection and perhaps treatment as well. The price is pretty steep so consumers should consider everything carefully before making a purchase decision.

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