ProMera Sports CON-CRET 

ProMera Sports CON-CERT
[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or every product to be considered the best in the market Creatine should act as an ingredient otherwise it may be rejected. Creatine plays an important role as a supplement of its own. ProMera Sport CON-CRET is considered the most excellent supplement having been manufactured using Creatine only as an ingredient. But who is 100% sure about this product? The supplement is even sold at higher cost compared to other supplements in the market. All athletes should be able to conduct a thorough research  and find out if whatever is said is true.

Uses of the product

  • It used to build the body muscles
  • Also considered as the energy source

First take

After we read some user reviews it was clear that the supplement had some issues. This is what we found;

  1. Bad taste
  2. Flavor added to the powder was less
  3. Moisturized powder

Based on what we found, we were able to judge the supplement as not the best. Most products were sent to the users and upon opening them they are already moisturized which can no longer be effective for use. Sometimes the powder clumps itself which is even difficult to spread .The test in the flavors is to irritating which scared many users. The packing tins were also too small that can be easily fogged thus lacking confidentiality. Apparently the supplement is manufactured using only one ingredient  which is not convincing.


Creatine effectiveness is not 100% .For a long period of time users  have been preferring Whey instead of creatine.The reason being the contingency of taking  the supplement compared to Creatine which an irritating test. Creatine is currently not considered important as when it is take sometimes one may gain weight instead of muscles ProMera CON-CERT is made only using creatin .As much as the manufactures claim it to be the best, It has been proved otherwise as it is not the best take. There are other important ways one can gain Muscle development which are considered as healthy ways.


  • Creatin hydrochloride which boost muscle development and energy production


Much has been discussed about this product. What many users don’t know  is whether the product yield best results or not. We have found out that the use of creatine is not among the best ways of  enhancing your muscles. In fact creatine can only   recover energy that was used but cannot yield it. Nutrients such as proteins, boosters and Nitric Oxide can be used. Energy boosters are able to stay in the body for a long period of time and offer support in several workouts. People should take a note of this.


We encourage people not to depend so much on Creatine supplement instead they should consider the health ways .It will be more advantageous as there are no side effects with the use of health natural ways. Also regular monitoring of your diet to ensure that all type of food groups are taken to foster your energy building and strong muscle development. Supplements such as NitroGenix 365 or Extreme Testosterone are good examples.

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