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Progentra Review – Do You Need it?

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Progentra is the best male enhancement supplement that we have seen in a while, thanks to its bulletproof science that helped propel the formula into new heights.

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2016 has been a crazy year for male enhancement supplements. In fact, we’ve reviewed a ton of new male enhancement products that had just hit the market, and quite surprisingly, some of them turned out quite right. As expected, there are the usual duds and fakes, but with the good new MEs that we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that the industry is headed in the right direction.

It’s been a while since we have reviewed a product that piqued our interest, and Progentra came at just the right time. Progentra is an all-new male enhancement supplement that promises to help you increase penis size in only 2-3 weeks. The manufacturers also claim that the formula will help you improve your libido, sexual endurance, and by association – your sexual performance.

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We’ve heard these promises before, and quite honestly, over-the-top claims make us want to press our critique on products that we review, which makes our admiration for Progentra even more profound. We have taken Progentra apart to see if there are any flaws that we can exploit, and we’re just surprised to see that there is absolutely nothing that critics like us can take from Progentra pills for quality sex. It is merely one of the best we’ve seen, and the rest of this review will help explain why:

Bottle and Box of Progentra Male Enhancement Pills


The first thing we check on products that we review is the science behind the product. What makes Progentra effective? What makes Progentra the best penis enlargement pill? – those are questions that we attempt to answer in every review, and with Progentra, the answer is eloquently laid out in the Progentra science page on their website.

We appreciate the fact that they have taken the time to explain their formula in clear, concise detail. We checked the various sources that they have cited, and everything checks out. For us, this is enough to pursue and order a bottle to see how it works – more on that later.

The science behind Progentra is as complicated as it is simple – let us explain why. The concept behind the formula is simple: by choosing the right ingredients that are known to synergize, the formula becomes stronger, more intense. The formula is complex due to the sheer number of ingredients that are used in male enhancement – the challenging part is to select and source the right ingredients, with the right potency, in the right amount, to achieve the best results.

The core penis enlargement effect of Progentra pills for men can be traced to the vasodilator ingredients of the formula. The Progentra formula contains Nitric Oxide boosters, which creates an uptick in cGMP, the compound that helps dilate blood vessels. With dilated blood vessels, more blood can be pushed to the cavernous spaces in the penis, making it expand naturally. Progentra maximizes the effects of vasodilation by combining nitric oxide boosters with PDE-5 inhibitors. cGMP is naturally weakened by cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5). With PDE-5 inhibitors, the dilation effect is intensified and lasts much longer.

By improving circulation, Progentra potentiates the intensity and duration of erections. By improving circulation alone, penis enlargement could be a possibility. Progentra’s SYNER-BOOST formula takes it a notch further by combining improved circulation with improved libido and testosterone. Testosterone influences penis growth, while enhanced libido increases the instances of erections, which creates systemic vasoconstriction and vasodilation throughout the body to focus the blood flow to the penis. The combined effects of improved circulation and the systemic vasoconstriction-vasodilation caused by the formula’s libido increase enhances the influence of blood flow to penis growth.

The frequency and duration of an erection greatly enhance the effects of the formula on penis growth. Progentra’s SYNER-BOOST formula also has ingredients that maximize sexual endurance by reducing the effects of the refractory period on the user’s libido. By reducing the ‘sexual downtime’ caused by the refractory period, the user experiences longer and much more frequent erections, which ultimately contributes to penis growth.

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Enhanced Stamina

Male Enhancement like Progentra can give you stronger. This is for the reason that it will even enhance your stamina. Subsequently, your sex drive would immensely increase and you will feel stronger sexually.

Longer Erection

Managing erectile dysfunction is to some degree challenging. By using Progentra Mal Pills, one can get lasting, longer, and stronger erection. It won’t simply make their sex life active but will also reduce stress of thinking why they would never satisfy their partners.

More Vigor

The aphrodisiacs in the Progentra pills assist you to enhance your energy and help you to be more vigorous in bed. The enhanced energy enables you and your partner to enjoy long and intense orgasms.

Mood Booster

Men who suffer erectile dysfunction and other related issues usually experience the stress and depression. They are usually embarrassed to visit a doctor. Progentra can offer a practical way to deal with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction while enhancing the mood.

Natural Ingredients

Progentra male enhancement supplement is made from purely natural and authentic ingredients which avoid the harmful side effects on the body.


The science behind the product thoroughly convinced us to order Progentra and check it out. We had two of our buddies to act as guinea pigs for this test since we had been trying male enhancement products on ourselves for the past year, and we wanted the results to be pristine. The testing part of this review is extremely important as the science behind the product only tells the concept of the product, and going from concept to execution could yield different results. We’ve had several products that had impressive scientific facts to support their claim, but their product falls flat on real-life testing.

We had our test subjects take Progentra as intended – two pills a day, on an empty stomach. We had them record any significant improvement on their body, and for the sake of testing, our subjects did not know what to expect. A few hours after taking the first dose, one of our buddies asked if we had them take herbal Viagra – which only says how fast the results are, and how profound the results are for our test subjects. We told them about the product shortly after, and the ‘results’ we are looking for. The test ran for a month to see how it works on a long-term basis.

According to our test subjects, their first impression of Progentra was a libido pill to help improve erections. After taking Progentra consistently for a month, both of our subjects experienced a significant increase in penis size, combined with a great improvement in their ability to sustain an erection for an extended period. Their sexual performance and endurance improved significantly, as well as their confidence and well-being. Both of our test subjects experienced an increase of 1” or more in length, and at least 1.5” increase in girth.

Penis size increaseUp to 5 inches in growth
Sex-Drive Increase
Semen Volume Increase
Energy Level Increase


The secret of Progentra male enhancement is in the ingredients they use. We’ve seen some of these ingredients in other male enhancement supplements, but we are 100% sure that the quality of these ingredients exceeds the standard for male enhancement supplements. Here are the ingredients that makeup Progentra’s SYNER-BOOST formula:


L-Arginine works as the precursor to Nitric Oxide, the ingredient that binds with guanosine monophosphate to form cGMP. L-Arginine’s role in the formula is to help relax the smooth muscles in the blood vessels to allow arteries to dilate and allow more blood to flow. The increased volume of blood lays the groundwork to make penis enlargement a reality.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali works primarily as a testosterone booster to help maximize the user’s libido and sustain it for a more extended period. Tongkat Ali also helps boost the vasodilation process by acting as a PDE-5 inhibitor and as a Ca2+ inhibitor to prevent the penis from getting ‘soft’ while having sex.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is an excellent aphrodisiac and PDE-5 inhibitor. It synergizes with the effects of Tongkat Ali to boost libido and sexual function, as well as to increase penis size. Horny Goat Weed contains Icariin, and Progentra comprises a 60% extract, the highest extract of Icariin to maximize the effects of Horny Goat Weed.

Progentra Money Back Guarantee


Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is an aphrodisiac that is designed to be absorbed slowly by the body. The delayed-release formulation helps sustain libido levels for 24 hours, keeping the user ready for any sexual opportunity.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is an aphrodisiac that can be quickly absorbed by the body. The ability of Progentra to act as a fast-acting formula is because of Muira Puama’s fast absorption effects on the body, which ultimately sets the groundwork for the rest of the ingredients in the formula to improve effectiveness.

Maca Root

Maca Root acts as the primary hormone stabilizing agent of the formula.  Maca Root inhibits certain neurotransmitters that prevent men from experiencing sexual arousal after experiencing an orgasm. Maca Root allows users to experience more orgasms in a shorter period by reducing the ‘downtime’ between orgasms.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa acts as a secondary PDE-5 inhibitor and aphrodisiac to support the effects of Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali.

Damiana Extract

Damiana is an aphrodisiac that helps maximize the rate of absorption after taking Progentra. It synergizes with Muira Puama to increase erectile function in just minutes after taking Progentra.

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Progentra is the best male enhancement supplement that we have seen in a while, thanks to its bulletproof science that helped propel the formula into new heights. We have never seen a product that is thoroughly compelling in the paper, and even more stunning in real-life tests. Best of all, Progentra male pills are light on the budget, and you can order Progentra and get it in just 3-5 days. It’s simply a breakthrough product that is worth far more than what you pay for. We would recommend Progentra pills for sex to anyone who wants a fast and effective way to increase penis size and sexual performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much Progentra Pills should I take in a day?

The best Progentra dosage is to consume two capsules in a day preferably in the morning. Since Progentra is very active, start with the recommended dosage, then you can adjust according to your requirement.

2. Are Progentra male supplements safe for all men?

Progentra contains herbal ingredients that are regarded as safe for every male. Side effects occur in rare cases. Usage of Progentra supplement with other medicines isn’t a typical issue. However, it’s better that you consult with a health specialist before taking it, mainly if you are using medications for stress, blood pressure, heart problem, etc.

3. What are the side-effects of Progentra?

If you have purchased Progentra pills from the official website, you are less likely to experience any side-effects. Also, the ingredients are natural. In any case, you should go through the ingredients list to check whether they contain anything that may respond ineffectively to you because of the other medications which you are taking.

4. What happens if I stop taking Progentra? Can I start it again?         

For best possible effects, Progentra has to be taken regularly. You can quit and then continue using it as your requirement. The advantages will blur the more you abandon taking Progentra male enhancement. There are no negative symptoms once you quit consuming it – you can just come back to the way you were previously using it anytime.

5. How long will it take before I see Progentra results?

As usual, Progentra’s effects can be felt within few days of consumption. However, it varies from person to person. The good part is that the results are guaranteed with Progentra male pills. Don’t forget to read the instructions on the bottle before using it.

6. Will I maintain the results I’ve achieved with Progentra male enhancement?

Indeed the results are pretty much permanent. However, usage of Progentra male enhancement for 12+ weeks shows prolonged results rather than 4-8 weeks. Since every person’s body responds differently to supplements, there is no need to panic if you are unable to get quick results.  When you stop consuming Progentra, there isn’t a reduction in results for some time if it was regularly used in the first place.

7. Where can I buy Progentra Male Supplement?

Genuine Progentra supplements are only available on the official site, www.Progentra.com. You may find fake Progentra Pills from an unofficial site. To guarantee that your Progentra supplements are genuine, please visit the official website and place your order.

8. Is Progentra suitable for the senior citizens?

Yes, surely. In fact, the senior citizens are the ones who need male enhancements the most. With increasing age, it is difficult to get a perfect orgasm, erection, and semen. It is when the need for male enhancement like Progentra arises.

9. Is Progentra a scam?

No. You can depend on us to guarantee you that the Progentra male supplement is 100% genuine and not a scam, different from most of the male enhancements available in the market today. We have invested ten years in Progentra, and we would like to keep the brand and our reputation in place for whatever length of time that customers keep on supporting us.

10. I am 20 years old, can I take Progentra supplements?

Progentra is quite safe to be taken for above twenty. If you are under twenty, Progentra male enhancement can have severe consequences as it may disrupt the healthy development of sexual organs. However, it is readily used by adults without any severe effects.

11. What are the most active ingredients of Progentra Supplement?

Progentra is developed with a variety of active herbal ingredients like Muira Puama, Tongkat Ali, Xanthoparmelia Scabros, Butea Superba, L-Arginine, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana and Tribulus Terrestris. The combination of all these ingredients is scientifically proven to enhance the sexual activity of men.

12. What is the best time to take Progentra male enhancement?

There can be two approaches to consume Progentra. First is based on need, taking Progentra about 40 minutes before sex to enhance sexual stamina and sex drive. Second is for the extensive benefit of Progentra including erection and enlargement, take two capsules every morning before breakfast until you have achieved the desired results.

13. Will I receive Progentra in discreet shipping?

Yes, it is in the best interests of our customers to receive the Progentra supplement in unmarked boxes and packages. No one will ever find out the content of package unless you show them yourself.

14. Does Progentra offer a money back guarantee?

Only the good brands offer a money back guarantee to their customers. Progentra does the same for all the orders received on the official website. If unfortunately, you have not experienced the desired results, send an email or give us a call for an immediate and full refund of your purchase.

15. Will Progentra Enhancement make my penis bigger?

Daily usage of Progentra can offer enduring enhancements to your penis. By boosting bloodstream levels, it can make the cells in your penis normally set apart and imitate bringing about expanded cell mass that is added to the length and thickness of your penis.