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Product Review – True Slim Tea

by Steve Gordon
Product Review – True Slim Tea

Product Overview

If you’re having digestive troubles such as bloating, True Slim Tea can help. Developed by master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen, the ingredients are, of course, from natural herbs like Bamboo Leaf. Drinking this regularly promotes the following outcome: decreased bloating, faster metabolism, and decreased fat deposits. This is also FDA approved. In addition, its maker is well-known for the compilation of the Encyclopedia of Herbs, which made the lives of other herbalists easier.


Natural Oriental Herbs & MalvaVerticellata

The Product

Formulation of True Slim TeaConsidered a healthy and natural weight loss support due to its herbal compounds, True Slim Tea helps in your weight loss journey by improving your digestive conditions. For one, it furthers your bowel movements. With this, your colon is purified and toxins eliminated. Recommended dosage is one cup after meal. You can go up to two cups in a day, but never more than two. The prices are reasonable – $4.29 for 30 bags of regular tea and $2.99 for 12 bags of extra strength. The product can be acquired at true-slim.com.


The person who invented this product is no other than master herbalist himself Li-Si-Zhen. He’s highly recognized for his work in herbology

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Shipping across other countries is viable

You can either go for regular or extra strength tea

There’s no caffeine in it

Product is sold at reasonable pricing


Available facts regarding the product is inadequate

There’s neither money-back guarantee nor free samples

The ingredients in the product are not specified

It wasn’t verified if contraindications that relates to the use of this tea exists

Evaluation can be more straightforward if only we have more information on every single ingredient

Final Recommendation

Weight loss teaTrue Slim Tea aims to better the conditions of your digestive system, thus, it’s also good as support for weight loss. With an enhanced metabolism, cleansed digestive system, and eradicated fat deposits, weight loss becomes more viable. It’s also good to know that True Slim Tea comes with regular and extra strength forms. Still, these claims have no clinical support, nor do these have comprehensive facts detailing its efficiency.

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