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A Product Review of Pure Yacon Syrup

by Steve Gordon
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Getting to Know Pure Yacon Syrup

preview-full-bmiThis particular weight loss supplement is created by Yacon Syrup Direct, which is mainly headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. This dietary supplement asserts that it can help dieters shed pounds and cut down waist line. It is manufactured in the United States and says it has serviced over 350,000 pleased consumers.

The company Yacon Syrup Direct has no rating with the Better Business Bureau. They don’t have heavy social media presence and nearly all online feedbacks aren’t really feedbacks, but more of promotions for the supplement. Thus, we found it hard to find genuine customer reviews. On the other hand, the general opinion for this supplement is somehow optimistic, albeit the most usual criticism is its ineffectiveness even after continuous consumption.

Understanding How It Functions

This supplement originates from the root of the Yacon plant, which is native in South America. This plant has been traditionally used since the era of the Incas. As it is converted into concentrated syrup, the root brings a sweet taste like that of maple syrup sans the high sugar and calorie content. As a matter of fact, since the Yacon root has up to 50 percent FOS (fructooligosacharides), it is capable of not augmenting the blood glucose. Thus, this could be great for people suffering from diabetes.

Based on the information found on the manufacturer’s site, the principal advantage of the Yacon syrup is to help you shed pounds even without changing your diet and without working out. This is said to be obtained through these ways:

Consume one capsule in the morning and another during lunch. It is also helpful to select healthy foods in your meals, as well as exercising if you could.

In order to support the company’s assertions, there’s a referenced study where it was revealed that Yacon syrup facilitated advantageous outcome to those people suffering from obesity, and even those who are insulin-resistant ones. In a latest study by Dr. Oz, it was shown that one teaspoon of the syrup prior to every meal aided participants in shedding 2.9 lbs in average, also decreasing their waistline by an average of 1.9 inches.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

The supplement is available in three buying selections. They are as follows:

preview-full-yaonsyrupOne Bottle (90 capsules): $49.97

Two Bottles (180 capsules) + One Free Bottle: $31.62 each, total of $94.97

Three Bottles (270 capsules) + Two Free Bottles: $27.99 each, total of $139.97

We learned during our investigation that if you try to leave the ordering page, you’ll get a pop-up window informing of a 20% discount off your purchases, though this is only applicable for the second and third selection.

The first and second option also comes with $4.95 S&H fees, while the third option has an additional $9.95 fee. At the bottom part, there’s an image saying: “This order qualifies for a free shipping rebate. Click here for details.” But as we clicked the link, it was inactive and there weren’t any added details.

The supplement is also offered with a 100 percent 30-day refund policy. If you find the product unsatisfactory, you can call the customer service at 877-661-6436 to get a Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA. Put the RMA outside of the package. As the company gets this, you will get a refund but with less $5.95 for the restocking charge.

Final Verdict: Is Pure Yacon Syrup Genuine?

After careful assessment of the supplement, we believe that consistent consumption of this product can generate weight loss effects. But if you want to lose more pounds, you also need to engage in a regular fitness regimen and healthy eating plan alongside Pure Yacon Syrup. The supplement is more efficient when partnered with proper nutrition and a more active lifestyle, may it be as simple as walking. Given this, the company’s claims that the product can deliver weight loss results without dieting and exercising seem to be over-the-top. Actually, it seems that this nutritional supplement has significant health gains for those people with renal or diabetic concerns.

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