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A Product Review of Cognitine: Is it Effective?

by Steve Gordon

Cognitine: General Idea

Cognitine is a brain supplement that touts to deliver vital a neurotransmitter boost each day. This is to help enhance learning, memory, alertness and focus. This product is said to be an exclusive brain formulation that’s been scientifically tested to improve your brain functions for better quality of life. With this, it is also touted that this supplement can be helpful in preventing premature mental decline, as well as being helpful with your cognitive functions over the course of your life.

Mental decline can begin as early as your mid 20s, but you wouldn’t feel it until it reaches the later part of your life. When you begin feeling the symptoms, your natural response would be to look for a solution that can help you alleviate the signs, like in the form of nutritional supplements for the brain. One of such products is Cognitine. But does this product really work like it promises it will? Is this a value for money?

Understanding How the Product Function


If you’re already feeling the signs of mental decline like being forgetfulness, lethargic, temperamental or feeling dejected, it is claimed by its manufacturer that Cognitine can help you fight these symptoms. This brain supplement is also said to prevent the physiological manifestations of quickened brain aging, as well as significantly enhance the overall quality of life. What’s more is that the company behind Cognitine also asserts that the said product can even heighten your brain’s capacity to cure itself and revive your cognitive functions when you were younger.

To obtain this, the components in this supplement are touted to aid in the enhancement of strength and agility of your cell’s membranes, boost the nerve growth factors in your brain, augment the amount of neurotransmitters in your brain, shield it from neurotoxins and free radicals, as well as amplify your flow of blood.

The components that make this possible, as its manufacturer claims, are the following:

Bacopa Monieri – This could aid in the restoration and improvement of the transmissions of the nerve impulses.

Ginkgo Biloba – This is believed to be useful in terms of increasing blood flow.

Vinpocetine – This could help boost serotonin generation, leading to better mood.

Huperzine A – This could be valuable in alleviating memory loss or decline associated with aging.

Phosphatidylserine – This could control the processing of information done by the brain cells.

L-Glutamine – This is a vital neurotransmitter to ensure great brain capacities.

DHA – This could increase the communication between the nervous system and the brain.

DMA – Possibly useful for enhancing attentiveness and concentration

Korean Ginseng – Possibly effective for increasing energy and soothing emotions

Based on the information on Cognitine’s product site, recommended dosage is 1 tablet two times every day in between meals, no later than 4 in the afternoon. The dosage can be boosted to 4 capsules each day as long as you consult with your doctor first.

This supplement is said to start functioning after your first dose where you would feel it working in your system. You have to wait for around seven days in order to see significant results; though the manufacturer says it will take up to three months for you to feel Cognitine’s complete health gains.

Cognitine Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

You can only purchase the supplement from the company directly. It is available in these three packages:

Bottle: $67, plus $5.95 S&H

2 Bottles: $119.90, plus free S&H

4 Bottles: $199.80, plus free S&H

Regardless of the selection you go for, the product is offered with a 60-day refund policy, but it adds $10 that you need to pay for trying the product. To request for a refund, call customer support at 877-320-2929.

Can Cognitine Live Up to its Promise?

With the proliferation of brain supplements, is Cognitine expected to make a difference? Think of the following factors:

How Effective Are Brain Pills?

It is important to know how actually effective nootropics are. Maybe some do, and maybe some don’t, but a comprehensive clinical proof is a good start to determine whether a product is effective or not. In the case of Cognitine, the scientific evidence proving that the ingredients in this supplement can generate any significant results for the brain to prevent cognitive decline is weak and lacking.

About the Product and its Manufacturer

The supplement’s URL was only registered in March 2014, thus it is a relatively new supplement. This can explain why it doesn’t have a lot of user feedbacks. This makes it harder to weigh the supplement based on the customers’ experiences. We did find out that its manufacturer is Legacy Labs. Its main headquarter is in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is registered with Better Business Bureau where it has an F rating based on three closed complaints. One of these complaints was addressed by the company, something that you can also anticipate if you order Cognitine yourself.

Nutritional Label of Cognitine

preview-full-shutterstock_472697344The official site of Cognitine has a list of components of the supplement posted on the website. However, the product label is not included. With this we cannot know for sure how much of these components are included in Cognitine, or whether the quantities of the ingredients are even enough to make any positive difference. The absence of the product label is considered a red flag, since Cognitine is something you take in your system, so it’s better to know precisely what you’re taking and how much.

Final Recommendation: Is Cognitine Worth Trying?

Cognitine is a relatively new product, so it hasn’t established any reputation yet in terms of its effectiveness. There are no customer reviews to help us evaluate its efficiency. It has a low rating with Better Business Bureau and the ingredients in it don’t have sufficient clinical evidence if they truly work. Thus, it’s recommended to consult with your doctor first to ask for other methods which have been clinically proven to help with cognitive decline.


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