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A Product Review of Acyl-Glutathione: How Harmless and Efficient is this?

by Steve Gordon
Signs of Aging

Introducing Acyl-Glutathione

It is a fact that aging results to unpleasant physical manifestations, specifically on the skin. Nonetheless, there are some individuals whose aging signs are hastened due to numerous reasons like the regular use of skincare items, make-up, sun exposure or particular aspects of one’s lifestyle. Fortunately, there are also products that are developed to counteract the signs of aging.  This writing will review one of the most prominent products that aim to slow down the physical manifestations of getting older.

 Introducing Acyl-Glutathione: General Idea


This particular anti-aging product is thought of being one of the top-tier topical creams that thwart the effects of aging. The price is actually high – $175 for 1 fluid ounce. Acyl-Glutathione claims to remedy aging signs that are speeding up as time goes by. These signs include skin dryness, diminishing of elasticity, wrinkles and lines, as well as frail skin. According to its manufacturer, Acyl-Glutathione can provide noticeable effects within 30 days.

 What are the Components in Acyl-Glutathione?

This anti-aging topical cream comes from the patent-pending molecule that restores glutathione. This is an antioxidant that’s naturally available in the skin cells. When there’s a reduction in the glutathione levels, the skin becomes exhausted, dehydrated and furrowed. In other words, the aging signs become more prominently visible. Acyl-Glutathione essentially avoids such scenario from every happening. Thus, these signs of aging are prevented as well.

 About Visibility of Results

There’s a customer research study and report available online. In this study, it was found that the use of this anti-aging product in the morning and at night provided great effects. 85% of the participants had a decrease in the visibility of forehead lines. Nonetheless, this said study does not have further details and other necessary information. There’s also the possibility that this study was not independently performed, so there’s a chance the result is not exactly fair.

 Acyl-Glutathione Product Features

Several users who have firsthand experience with the product say it’s for real.

It comes from a highly-regarded company that’s prominent in the skincare field.

A lot of experts have left positive feedbacks.

The components in Acyl-Glutathione have been clinically tested and proven.

 Bottom Line – Is Acyl-Glutathione the Real Deal?

preview-full-skin_rejuvenation_treatmentsAcyl-Glutathione’s cost is too high for such a product considering that there are other similar products that are being offered for so much less. Also, if you want an anti-aging cream that also caters the neck area, then Acyl-Glutathione cannot do much since it’s not intended for that. The claims are promising and the reviews are positive but there are comparable anti-aging products that are available for a much lower price and that can also address the lines on the neck. Bottom line is it’s too expensive to be even considered. There are other anti-aging creams that can also deliver positive results without asking you to pay a lot.



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