Procera AVH: Will it be helpful?

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  • July 5, 2016
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Procera AVH: Will it be helpful?

A difficulty when buying supplements is in understanding fully, what the ingredients are and how they perform. Do they work well together as a formula? Or is this product nothing more than a placebo?The struggle is real when we begin to age. There are changes that happen both physically and mentally that we can no longer control without assistance and that is why it is important to get things right from the get go.All the reviews we write are based on facts and extensive research of natural ingredients and their effects as well as clinical study results. You do not have to spend hours getting confused over product labels or buy something by chance just to find out that it doesn’t work – instead you can make a conscious purchase if you simply look at the information which we provide first.


Procera AVHSpecially designed brain enhancement, Procera AVH, has been clinically proven to restore up to twenty years of memory after just thirty minutes as a result of consumption!This holistic approach is a safer alternative to prescribed drugs and is said to improve various elements of cognitive functions such as focus and concentration, learning ability, mental clarity and vigor.Brain cells that were once tired can become energized and nourished by the supply of the fresh nutrients and vitamins within this formula which will boost the metabolism of the brain.


ingredientsThe ingredients within this product are what gives it the name ‘AVH,’ all of which were tested by the company to have positive effects on the brain due to the promotion of oxygen and increases in the blood flow optimising the organ’s performance.These substances are each namned as follows: Acetyl cholinesterase, Vinpocetine and Huperzine.The first, Acetyl L-Carnitine, is what prevents diseases like Alchzheimers and helps fight the deterioration of the brain and boosts its overall performance.Next, we have Vinpocetine which is extracted from a plant named the Periwinkle and solves issue that the brain may experience by increasing blood flow and oxygen. Sufferers of any type of damage to concentration levels pr memory loss will notice the effects rapidly improve. And finally, Huperzine or HUP. This is the inhibitor. The brain blocks the activities of this substance which allows the increase of the enzyme Acetyl cholinesterase  which removes acetylcholine from the synapse. When this takes effect the brain is protected from free substances such as calcium.It is advised that these pills are to be taken when the stomach is full after a good meal.


The price is not bad for sixty pills when you are expected to take three per day. $35.99 for very near a two month supply is all you will pay.


The leading brand for brain enhancement supplements just bites this product slightly – Brain Gain is what consumers highly recommend if you are looking for a clicinally tested product that works to improve memory loss. This product retails at a bargain price of $19.95 and works wonders!

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