Pro solution Plus

Pro solution Plus  

  • by usahealthymen
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is a product which is currently in the market that claims to increase sexual desires in men. Some of the advantages indicated about the product include increase I erection, increase in times one can orgasm in a single sex performance and assist in boosting sexual stamina. Sadly, whatever is said about this product is not true. After we conducted our test, we found out that ingredients used in manufacturing have not been proved to work. Our research indicates that it only increases up to 12% sexual health. This leaves us with a lot of doubt about this product. It indicates that whatever was mentioned about it was to blindfold customers to buy it.

Uses of the product

  • To increase sexual desires.
  • To increase the rate of orgasm in a single sex session.

First take.

We were able to carry out some lab tests using control groups taking prosolution pills and Placebo pills. Within a period of 5 weeks, we were able to find out that:

  • The product increases only up to 12% sex stamina.

During our research we found that the product as manufactured from herbs that are not fertile. This led to the results of ratio 6:1 only, which is far from the usual ratio of 20:1.The claims made about this product are from an imaginary perspective. We went through their website to check if there were any customer reviews but we did not find even a single one. Also, there was limited supply of the product in the market.


Is Pro solution really effective? From our test results, we have seen that this product do not enhance any sexual health. What is being proclaimed about the product is a total lie? As per our test, the product proves to yield very low results even after five weeks of conducting the test. We found that the ingredients were used in very low quantities to manufacture the product. Apparently, the product should be totally withdrawn from the market.


Many ingredients were used by the manufacture to produce Prosolution which were of very low qualities compared to other high ranking products in the market. They include:

  • Solidilin.
  • Korean Ginseng.
  • Butea Souberbe.
  • Mumordiza
  • Arjuna.
  • Cordyceps.
  • Zinc oxide.
  • Apigenin and Amia.


Pro solution pill is not a recommended product for male sexual enhancement. Its downfall has been brought by the low quality ingredients used to manufacture which are extracted from non fertile herbs. Even though it consists of a lot of ingredients, it does not meet the standards for male sexual enhancement products.


We recommend that users should use other products that have been proven to work effectively in boosting their sexual drive and desires, Stamina and orgasm regularly. Man Maca 1000 is a good example of effective pills. It is known by its high increase in sexual desires and dopamine levels. The herbs used in manufacturing this pill have a powerful formula ratio of 400:1.If one need to get what he wants without struggling try then this product.