[dropcap]P[/dropcap]enatropin pill is among various products manufactured by the same company. It is a male sex enhancement pill which has no prove about what it is to do. The company manufacturing the product is very cheeky as they manufacture the same products using same supplements but brand it with a different name to blindfold customers in the market.

Barely all the claims mentioned about Penatropin is not true. We conducted test in our special lab alongside other products of the same company. We found that all the products we fake and could not support any man’s sexual issues. Generally this is can be a trick the company is using to promote all their products in the market to ensure that several users buy it.

Uses of the Product

  • For male sex enhancement
  • To foster sex drive and libido
  • To increase erection size of the pennies

First take

We were able to carry out some tests in our lab to unleash the real truth about Penatropin pill. We were able to find that:

  • No sexual desires were increased in our entire test subject

Unfortunately Penatropin pills do not work at all. Our tests did not yield any good results even after our subjects waited for five weeks. The ingredients used to manufacture this product are all from low quality. Some of the ingredients are even untraceable in the product. Of all the ingredients used to manufacture this pill, only two of the shows to work the rest are rendered useless. Penatropin is also sold in high price which merely gives us a good reason, maybe the manufacture decided to do so in order to blindfold the customers from knowing the truth about the product.


Does this product work really? Penatropin pills are just in the market to be sold but not to do whatever it is said to do. Our test proved that this product yield no results at all. Our test subjects did not experience any change even after five weeks. The product is made from low ingredients .The ingredients are extracted from in fertile herbs which leads to low quality of in them. The product offers a very low percentage of less than 12% sex enhancement. This percentage does not boost anything in men’s sexual organs. These results have rendered us some answers which every user must know. There is no need of anyone purchasing this product. it will be a waste of money.


Penatropin is made of ingredients which are clinically proven to work. The problem with it is that those ingredients are in low doses that can even support anything. Some of the ingredients include:

  • Butea Superba
  • Carnite


There is nothing positive that can be mentioned about this product. It has totally failed to administer what it is claimed to do.


We advise users to keenly check other pills which can give them what they really want. Formula 41 Extreme is a nice product that has been clinically proven to work effectively.


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