MuscleTech  Anarchy  

MuscleTech Anarchy
[dropcap]M[/dropcap]uscleTech Anarchy is a supplement manufactured by Muscle Tech and has taken the supplement market by storm. Though little is known about this product Muscle Tech has released very scarce information about the product. It has been hyped by the company but the product is most likely to be fool of disappointments like its predecessors. It is for this reason that we put the product to a test in order to ascertain if it really works

Considering that muscle tech anarchy is the first workout supplement produced by the company, many are keenly watching how it will perform in the market.

Uses of the product

  • To boost energy
  • For body recovery
  • For muscle development

First take

We carried out numerous tests on a large number of users. This test period lasted for 3 months. After our first test the users faced some setbacks this include,

  • Aggressiveness
  • Minimal energy explosion
  • Minimal energy during workout

These issues were basically faced due to addition of something irregular or an omission of an important ingredient. One of our biggest concerns was the absence of proteins in the supplement. How else will the user gain energy after vigorous workouts? This clearly spells out the disadvantages of using Muscle Tech Anarchy over other products in the market. Also the addition of vasodilators which eases the blood flow in the body has been seen to make the users aggressive. This can be a part thing for one who is not working out.


How effective is this product really? As compared to other products muscle tech Anarchy boast of high concentration of its main ingredients which are not a mix like other supplements. The product is majorly composed of Egogenics which are specifically made to enhance the user’s endurance and increase performance during workouts. Apart from that, this product contains high percentage of caffeine and anhydrous stimulant. This can be a dangerous thing as products with stimulants are less appreciated by users. Overall, on a scale of one to ten we placed muscle tech Anarchy at six.


As compared to other supplements Muscle Tech Anarchy clearly spells out the ingredients that make up the product. This is an advantage to the users and the company as they will gain trust from their clients. Some of the main ingredients used are:

  • Camosyn
  • Nitrosigne
  • Hydromax
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Choline bitartarate
  • Li-thiamine
  • Rhodiola extract

All this are great ingredients that mixed well produce a powerful supplement. Even so, the company fail to add protein which could have really boosted the supplement up the ranks.


It is evident that muscle tech are focused mainly in selling their products rather that concentrating on the advantages the user will get when using it.NitroGenixs365 is an alternate supplement that is highly recommended. Try one today for ultimate satisfaction. It is important to check with your doctor or physician for proper advice before taking this supplement. This product contains some ingredients that may harm the body.

Muscle Tech Anarchy ranking B-

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