MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3  

MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3
[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ron CRE3 is a pre-work out supplement by MusclePharm designed to increase your stamina, intensity, and potency during a workout. MusclePharm has marketed this product as a Super Creatine formula. This product works on its nitrate formula delivering fast results.

This product allegedly accelerates the process of muscle build up in the body. This is done by following the bulk and cut method, in which they intake food to increase the weight and fat ratio of their body. This leads in the increasing of muscle size corresponding to the increase in the size of the body. After successfully increasing the muscle to fat ratio, a bodybuilder will then cut the fat from the body, and will be left with only strong and sculpted muscles.


The concept of pre-workout supplements has gained popularity over the recent years because it can thrust your workouts to new levels. Pre-workout supplementation is usually designed to:

  • augment performance, potency, endurance, and stamina
  • amplify protein synthesis, ingestion and delivery of nutrients, metabolic rate, and focus
  • decrease muscle breakdown during workout.

First Take

MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 has an eminent Creatine formula which helps in supplying energy to all the cells—primarily muscle—of the body. MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 is also free of caffeine which makes it preferable over other pre-workout supplements. But, a close look at the list of its restricted ingredient list indicates that this supplement has not been designed for fat burning and/or weight loss.


After performing a series of experiments performed on MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3, it was examined that because of the lack of caffeine in the formula, this product did not show any immediate effects. Because of this, there is no way to determine the efficiency of MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3.

Also, when the tests were being conducted, some users complained about having stomach disorders after using MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 but these side-effects are minimal as the formula of MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 does not contain any harmful ingredient.


MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 consists of the following constituents:

  • Vitamin C (500mg)
  • Vitamin E blend (500IU)
  • Calcium Blend
    • Alpha Tocopherol Acetate
    • Tocopherosis (Alpha, Gamma, and Beta)
    • Creatine Nitrate
  • HydraFuel Matrix
    • Taurine
    • Coconut
    • L-Glutamine

But, these ingredients are not appropriate for an efficacious workout regime.


Even though it does not contain any caffeine and has no side-effects, MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 is not a suitable pre-workout supplement. We recommend that you opt for effective supplements such as Testosterone and NitroGenix 365 for better and enhanced muscle augmentation. Please seek a doctor consultation before using this product. There may be some ingredients in this supplement that may be harmful and dangerous to you. Your health should be taken seriously as you only have one life to live. Proper diet and exercise may promote a better overall healthy lifestyle that can ultimately give you longevity.

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