Muscle Pharm Compact Powder 

Muscle Pharm Compact Powder
[dropcap]M[/dropcap]uscle Pharm has yet released another new product the Muscle Pharm compact Powder, known for its muscle in supplement industry. The company claims to have signed an endorsement with NMA for the product to be official supplement for the fighters. Is this really true?

The company markets the product claiming that it has advanced time release protein. This protein has they say is efficient for body builders who want to develop muscles in a short span of time, However, what does the product do to your body and is it the best body building supplement in the market? We scrutinized Muscle Pharm compact powder to get the answers.

Uses of the product

  • Muscle building
  • Energy boosting

First take

  • Minimal energy boost
  • Too sweet

Muscle Pharm compact powder is low in protein as compared to other body buildings supplements in the market. According to the test, most users did not have the energy required after intake as stated by Muscle Pharm on paper. In fact, most user reviews on the product showed concern of the 35 grams protein content on the supplement. The addition of artificial sweetener also proved to be a big concern.


Although Muscle Pharm uses MMA to promote their product the question of how the product is effective still has to be answered. The virtue of the company using UFC fighters to impress the product clearly shows that the product might be less effective as originally stated by Muscle Pharm. After all, good products will not require other big organization to market it. If it is good as stated by the company, the supplement should stand for itself and market itself proudly.

The effectiveness is further evident by the inability of the advanced time release protein to work on everybody. It is important for Muscle Pharm to be honest to their customers and reveal everything about the product instead of concentrating on how they can escalate their sells.


The main ingredients for the supplement include:

  1. Whey protein isolate
  2. Whey protein concentrate
  3. Casein
  4. Egg Albumen

The product has a total protein content serving of 25 grams which is digested at approximately hours. This is nothing special compared to other supplements. In fact, the supplement has a less protein content than others.

The addition of artificial flavor also poses a big concern to the users. It makes the supplement too sweet thus making many users uncomfortable with it.


The manner in which the product works clearly goes about it the wrong way all together. Any Protein powder should be able to be digested in less than eight hours for it to enable maximum absorption. It is advised that to seek a doctor’s approval before trying this supplement. There are many ingredients that can possibly be harmful to your health.


NitroGenix 365 supplement comes highly recommended as an alternative to Muscle Pharm Compact powder. Try one today and you will not be disappointed.

Muscle Pharm Compact Powder: Ranking D

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