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Multi Vitamin Breakdown: Animal Pak For Athletes

by Steve Gordon
Multi Vitamin Breakdown: Animal Pak For Athletes

About the Manufacturers of Animal Pak

Bodybuilder's supplementAnimal Pak has been around since 1983. It has been helping bodybuilders and powerlifters reach their goals. From Olympic athletes to hobbyist lifter Average Joe Animal Pak has been used for decades. They have constantly evolved their formula over the years to keep up with nutritional technological advances. Vitamins are organic materials and minerals inorganic they act as pharmacological catalysts to exert anabolic benefits to support intense training.

With over 75 key ingredients that have been researched extensively to optimize performance, you get an easy and convenient pack that has everything you need in one place instead of buying multiple different expensive products. It is a supplement program that has stood the test of time and is a trusted name in the game.

What is Animal Pak?

It is a daily dose for multivitamins that improves overall health and is designed to meet specific needs of lifters and bodybuilders. It works to help build muscle while protecting the immune system from becoming vulnerable after intense workouts. It is broad enough for general health and wellness, but specific enough to enhance training results. Take one pack and down it with some water… it is that easy.

Active Ingredients

MultivitaminsInside the packs are multivitamins. They are packed with different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. Each different line of Paks comes with different ingredients for the specific needs of the consumer. For example Cuts, is for bodybuilding competition and includes Dandelion Root as a diuretic to help competitors drop water weight. There are over 75 different ingredients like:  L-arginine, alphalipoic acid, pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate, Carnitine, lipotropics etc.


Animal Pak prevents sickness during the heat of training. It also has ingredients that help with mental focus, physical performance, and muscle construction. It is a packet of key building blocks for training success. It also can save users money preventing them from having to buy 5 different products they can get everything in one place. Animal Pak has done the research for users as to what is most efficient.


Animal Pak is notoriously rough on the stomach. Anytime you are mega dosing supplements it can be tough on the digestive system and causes discomfort, the runs, cramps, etc. Some users got headaches when taking Animal Pak also. More users than one complain on Amazon about how crazy huge the pills are and nearly impossible to swallow.

Directions for Taking Animal Pak:

Talk to a doctor before starting to take Animal Pak or any supplement that will help you with your training.

Take the supplement twice daily, just one pack, and take all the pills with a glass of water. Stay consistently hydrated while training. Follow the directions on the back of the canister.

Who Should Buy Animal Pak?

Anyone who wants to improve their performance and keep nutrients available in surplus for their body as an athlete should buy Animal Pak. It is a trusted company that has been around for decades and certainly is not scam. They are very transparent about what ingredients they use and why and are a very professional company. Once you pick what kind of Animal Pak you would like to take research further on their forums what users are saying.

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