Mastermind by Apex Vitality – Is it the best and most effective?

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  • August 2, 2016
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Mastermind by Apex Vitality - Is it the best and most effective?

The number of supplements has grown over the past few years and continues to grow as people change their minds to begin to use a more natural approach to keeping fit and well. The trouble is, with there being so many options – how are you to know which products work best for you and your requirements. If you have expert advice, decisions like this are made much easier. Unlike trying to sift through all the different brands that are available and their varieties of formulas and ingredients, you can trust our reviews as they are written using knowledge about natural herbs and then compared to clinically trials that have been conducted.

The purpose of the product 

Optimize the brain functionAn American company based near South Nampa, IS has produced a supplement that goes by the name of Apex Vitality Mastermind. The manufacturers claim that this particular remedy will help one to “discover a personal meaning to life” and is designed to help optimise the brain’s functions. It will also improve energy levels, enhance cerebral performance and provide more frequent lucid dreams. Another said advantage is that this product will help people overcome their fears and phobias.


Mastermind by Apex Vitality - FormulaThe following substances are the full list of ingredients for this formula: bacopa monnieri, alpha GPC, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and l-tyrosine.
In specific, Bacopa monnieri is said to improve the memory. While Huperzine A is commonly used to generate the same advantages and can reduce the impact/effects of Alzheimer’s. Improving focus and concentration allows the use to think clearly and the substance Vinpocetine should help this aspect of .mental health.  Mental performance is boosted by L-tyrosine which also benefits long and short term memory. The most likely symptom to appear is that you could feel a slight stomach upset as a result of the consumption of this product. However, there have been no other reported side effects. With the individual substance alpha GPC being linked to causing dizziness, skin rash, and confusion – there is a possibility of this occurrence.


For a price of 1 Bottle: $53.98, 2 Bottles: $69.98 or 3 Bottles: $86.97 you can purchase this product which is said to take effect in the first week. The unfortunate circumstance is that finding a retailer proves to be quite difficult and these particular figures came from one review which was found online.

Our conclusion

A highly recommended formula comes from the top leading brands Optimal Omega and Brain Gain – these ingredients are 100% safe and natural and so consumers are raving about their effectiveness more than any other brain enhancement products. Both of these have been clinically tested and only cost $19.95 each for a one month supply. They also come complete with a very reassuring money back guarantee. Using a unique and special blend of herbs that will benefit both the mind and the body, there really is no better choice on the holistic market of today.

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