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Is Liquid Anodrol Effective?

by Steve Gordon
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General Idea

Surely, you’ve heard about athletes being exposed as steroid consumers. They’re branded as the ones who take the easy yet illegal way to improve their performance through increased muscle gains and strength by using steroids rather than working harder during training.

Bodybuilders, on the other hand, are often tempted to search for alternatives that can make the process of bulking of and obtaining strength easier and faster. This is the reason a lot of manufacturers have begun offering what they label as legal steroids. This basically means taking something that won’t be branded as illegal during routine tests.

One of these legal steroids that proliferates the market in the recent days is Liquid Anodrol manufactured by SDI Labs. It already has a syringe included and is recommended to be used two times daily in order to experience maximized results.

However, a product that comes with a syringe and can be purchased over-the-counter already seems serious. It’s really important to think it through before proceeding to using it. This article will tackle what Liquid Anodrol is really for, the components included, and the features and potential risks it brings. This is crucial for all customers to make sure that they’re not putting themselves at risk.

What Is It For?


The name Liquid Anodrol comes from its similarity to Anadrol, an anabolic steroid. It claims to function like that of how testosterone works. Anadrol is mainly utilized for curing anemia, but since it increases red blood cells count, it has since used by a lot of men to help them improve their muscle size.

Moreover, Liquid Anodrol results to weight gain. Thus, you have to be prepared to work harder so that you’re able to turn that extra weight into muscles and not to fat. How else to do this but by undergoing intense workouts. If Liquid Anodrol is efficient as its company claims, it should be useful in terms of augmenting your muscle’s size and power.

Liquid Anodrol Components

This “legal steroid” has Oxymethobol as its primary component. It resembles to the illegal steroid called Oxymetholone. When we did some more digging, we found that Liquid Anodrol is intended to appear like Anadrol 50, a product that uses Oxymetholone.

These items and components are intended to have a similar sound because the manufacturer SDI Labs wants users to think they’re basically purchasing the genuine item. Oxymethobol is a patented component and its effects are unknown as of now, except to the ones described by the company. There aren’t any trials performed to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of either Anodrol or Oxymethobol.

What are the Product Features?

Since it comes in liquid, it has greater bioavailability, which means it encounters faster assimilation in the system. Liquid Anodrol also comes with a syringe, which probably is for the purpose of making the product look like a genuine steroid.

Liquid Anodrol Price

You can purchase Liquid Anodrol online for a price of $109.95. This is remarkably costly for a training supplement.

About the Company

As mentioned, Liquid Anodrol is manufactured by SDI Labs. However, it seems that the company is not well-liked by many bodybuilders because of its products with names resembling to banned steroids.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

preview-full-shutterstock_116182309Sure, real steroids can be effective in constructing muscle mass and augmenting general physical strength, but it’s hard to say if Liquid Anodrol has what it takes to produce the aforementioned benefits. It is available through the site LegalSteroids.com, which has a negative standing among consumers. The assertions made by Liquid Anodrol’s manufacturer aren’t also supported by clinical studies and tests.

If you want to put on muscle gains and increase your strength, work out more often and be willing to exert both physical and mental efforts. If you need the edge to help you improve your performance, there are many fitness supplements that can help boost your energy, strength, and endurance. But if you’re curious about Liquid Anodrol, you can try using it at your own risk as long as you remember to be cautious.

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