Home Health Life Extension Mix – Will this product produce the best results safely?

Life Extension Mix – Will this product produce the best results safely?

by Steve Gordon
Life Extension Mix - Will this product produce the best results safely?

Battling against the deficiencies that coincide with getting old has never been easier – if you know which products are the most relevant for improving the areas you have started to lack. There are certainly a variety of different supplements available and a number of formulas and ingredients that will assist you and your needs.

When it comes to picking one for two out, you may look for help from the experts. Of course you want a remedy and not a placebo! This is what our reviews were made especially for – to help guide you about the natural herbs that are out there!

What is the product’s purpose?

Boost immune systemSpecially designed to keep your body in good health is a multivitamin named Life Extension Mix. It makes sure that cells in the body cells live a fuller and richer life thus allowing you to do the same!The formula provides the correct nutrition to cells which can then live and work in very conducive conditions. To carry oxygen around the body means that red blood cells need to be supplied with hemoglobin and plasma can transport waste such as urea to the kidneys which reduces toxicities.

Cells effectively are not over-strained and so they live longer meaning that the body doesn’t have to make more of cells and leaves room to optimise the  functions such as metabolic rates, immune system boosting and muscle fatigue recovery.

Containing natural extracts as ingredients as opposed to harmful chemicals is one of the best things about this product. One more is that it is a cleanser as well as a health booster!

Which formula is used?

Life Extension Mix - FormulaHere is a list of the ingredients contained within this product: green tea extracts, raspberry ketones and citrus extracts. Vitamins A, B, C and K are supplied as a result of these substances being combined.Avoid this supplement if you are under the influence of other medications. Keep out of the reach of children under the age of 18, unless recommended by a doctor.

Side effects should not be incurred as the  ingredients were verified healthy foods, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Ingredient interaction may cause symptoms such as bloating stomachs, heart burns, hyper acidity and nausea.

After 5 months of consistent use, clinical research conducted proved that 15% of general health was improved.


This product costs a rather steep price of $61.45 for 490 capsules. You must take 14 per day! Some people wouldn’t want to this all at once and like to split this into two different doses of 7. However, this is still a lot!

The effects do not show until a long period of digestion while also being careful to live a healthy lifestyle with a steady and nutritious diet.


Optimal Omega definitely beats having to take such a large quantity of pills per day. This is also the leading brand and they are only charging $19.95 for a one month supply! Clinically proven to be the best and most advanced formula, there really is no doubt that you will be completely satisfied with this product.

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