Leyzene Review-Does it work?

Leyzene Review-Does it work?
[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith 916 male enhancement pills, Leyzene tops the ranks as one of the best selling male enhancement supplement in Amazon. It has received multiple reviews from users all over the world. Even so, we asked ourselves many questions about the effectiveness and validity of the product. Does it really work?

After in depth research, it came to our notice that the company manufacturing the product had bought Amazon reviews. This is the first sign that the product is fake one. If it is really good as stated by the company, why not it not sell itself? What is the company hiding? It I clear that the company is inn for money rather than offering useful services to its customers

However, we decided to put Leyzene under the microscope ourselves. We conducted numerous tests on our subjects in private clinics for five weeks. The results confirmed our fears.

Uses of the product

  • Enhances libido
  • Improves sexual stamina
  • Enhances hard erection

First take

After the first test the users experienced the following

  • Minimal enhancement in libido
  • Minimal improvement in sexual stamina

These were the two main claims that the company projected. However it was disappointing to see the outcome of the test. Leyzene recoded an increase in libido and stamina at five percent only. This incredibly low and confirms that the fake reviews in Amazon clearly show that the product is fake. All this and the shortage of supply bring out the disadvantages of using this product.


How effective is Leyzene? With a less than five percent increase in libido and sexual stamina the product is clearly ineffective. This percentage is too low compared to other male enhancement supplement the market. All this was achieved after a thorough test conduct by us. The test included:

  • Test and control groups that were given equal amounts of Placebo drugs and Leyzene
  • Use of independent private lab to test and give us results to an accuracy of 0.01%.
  • Personal test conducted by our own staff to confirm the results.

Our tests lasted for five weeks with minimal or no results from the subjects. We even assumed that the use of the supplement for a longer period of time will give the same results.


Leyzene contains an array of ingredients that are both effective and ineffective. Furthermore some of the best ingredients for manufacturing male enhancement products like ginger and horny goat weed are included in minimal percentage. Some of the other ingredients include:

  • Xanthoparmelia
  • Agmtine Sulphate
  • Cnidium


Anyone using Leyzene will be disappointed for its inefficiency. Furthermore, it is a waste of money to purchase it even at its low costs. It is not recommended for anyone who intends to improve his sexual health.

What we recommend

Formula 41 Extreme is the best male enhancement product we have ever reviewed and ranks highly in our table. It guarantees the user 400% satisfaction in libido, penis enlargement and stamina. It is the perfect alternate for Leyzene..

Ranking: D

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