[dropcap]J[/dropcap]YM Pro JYM is A new protein supplement quickly gaining fame in the supplements market. It promises the user a lot of benefits, the main one being rapid muscle building.

The protein supplement is manufactured by Stoppani Supplement Science. Jim Stoppani PhD is a force to reckon with in the bodybuilding industry. He has written numerous articles on exercise and fitness. He has even gone further to write the “Jim  Stoppani’S Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength”

It’s for a fact that Jim is an expert in body building physiology, but is he the right person to manufacture a product? His setbacks clearly manifest in the  company failing to obtain  the GMP certification. This failure to procure certification begs many answers .How could a PhD holder in muscle and fitness fail to certify his product manufacturing company? Is it because of negligence? Or is the product a fraud? This fact has greatly dented the marketing of the product.

Even so, there is still one major question we hope to get answers from this review. Does the product really work?

Uses of JYM Pro JYM

  • Muscle building
  • Quick body recovery
  • Boost work out energy

First Take

  • There is lack of explosiveness as stated by the product literature.

Even though it tastes good, which is irrelevant to athletes by the way, the product fails to bring out its main uses. As opposed to the literature, the product fails to show how it boosts energy. This is clearly brought to light by the test subjects who describe the intake as non explosive and minimal energy boost. Apart from the certification issue, this could mean the product is a big flop!


As spelt out by Stoppani Supplement Science, the product provides important exercise and bodybuilding functions. This is made possible by the protein added to ensure rapid muscle development. Based on the product literature, JYM pro JYM has different proteins that break down differently. It prospects that the numerous proteins incorporated  will greatly reduce the muscle fat ratio and rate of catabolism

The feedback we got from our test subjects and reviews of the users revealed that the product is really sweet. This clearly shows how Stoppani supplements Science have failed to major on how the product will add value to the users.


  • Egg protein
  • Casein
  • Whey protein

As compared to other supplements, JYM pro JYM has 24g which is 44% of a users daily allowance. This is much less as compared to other effective supplements as they have a much bigger protein concentration per serving. Due to this, I believe that the gradual protein absorb ion may be too small to show any benefits.


There is very little to say about this product. This is due to lack of information posted on the home page. Furthermore, the high cost of the product in light of  lack of certification is outrageous. The only task left is for Stapponi supplements Science to acquire the right certification in order to gain their customers trust. NitroGenix 365 is a product just like JYM pro JYM that comes highly recommended to give you the ultimate results. With the correct mix of both proteins, nutrients and hormones the product has, you will achieve the desired body in no time.

JYM Pro JYM Rating: D-

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