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IntraMAX Review: Is this Product Genuine?

by Steve Gordon
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At a Glance

Equipped with more than 400 natural components, IntraMAX is a supplement that aims to provide the body with various health advantages. IntraMAX actually contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fiber that not only augment the performance of every system in the body, it is also capable of being a remedy to concerns relating to male enhancement. Functioning more than a multivitamin does, IntraMAX is also capable of assisting you in your weight management plan by suppressing your appetite and getting you to feel satiated for a long time. Of course, the ingredients in IntraMAX are all natural, which means it is unlikely that the product has side effects.

IntraMAX Creator


IntraMAX is developed by Drucker Labs, an inventor in the field of health supplements that focus on using natural elements. The products of Drucker Labs accommodate all kinds of individuals who are seeking to improve their general health. Available in Peach Mango flavor, IntraMAX surely tastes yummy, too.

What are the Active Ingredients?

There are too many of them, but here’s a brief list of some of the ingredients in IntraMAX as posted on the product’s site:
59 Herbs
35 Fruits
26 Fibers
Aloe Vera
Fulvic Acid
16 Probiotics
27 Vegetables
12 Carotenoids
20 Amino Acids
38 Essential Oils
154 Antioxidents
119 Bioflavonoids
8 Essential Sugars
8 Protein Minerals
12 Macro Minerals
80 Vitamin Sources
14 Seeds and Sprouts
16 Digestive Enzymes
33 Super Green Foods
65 Organic Electrolytes
17 Essential Fatty Acids
71 Organic Trace Minerals

Because there’s no meat and dairy products, vegans and vegetarians are welcome to try IntraMAX. Even people who are fond of organic products because of the health benefits will also like IntraMAX since all its ingredients are natural.

What are the Positive Sides?


The reviews on various sites are mostly good.
The components are 100% natural, so no side effects.
Vegetarians and vegans can use IntraMAX.
There are more than 400 healthy nutrients in IntraMAX.
Buying IntraMAX online is very simple.

What are the Negative Sides?

It is not cheap. It costs $80 for one bottle.
The focus of IntraMAX is not for male enhancement.

IntraMAX – Final Thoughts

It is great that IntraMAX is meant to be used by people from all ages. Both the old and young customers like this health supplement. The expensive price can be overlooked since there are many nutrients loaded in one bottle, which means that the results can be loaded with the greatest potential. You can try it yourself to see the difference.

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