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How To Improve Your Teeth Brushing Techniques

by Steve Gordon

Poor dental care is linked to ill health. More specifically, it’s linked to dreaded heart disease. We know this and you know this, yet way too many of us assume that all we need to do to maintain good teeth health is brush our little white peckers twice a day. While this is good, it’s just not good enough. And if this is the best response you’ve got to dental care, then your best won’t do.

You see, while you’re brushing your teeth and loving life, you could easily be making a few fundamental mistakes which, in the long term, could lead to heart disease. We’re not trying to put the willies up you, but in all seriousness, we could all improve the way we brush our teeth – and at the same time improve our lives.

You’ve Gotta Brush At The Right Time

Edmond R. Hewlett, D.D.S, professor of UCLA School of Dentistry, says that our toothbrush “should be the last thing your teeth touch at night.”
Meaning, that piece of chocolate is NOT the last thing they should be touching.

If you snack before bedtime, you’re basically enhancing your chance of developing cavities because food remains lodged in between teeth.

You should always brush in the morning too, and aim to brush twice a day.

You Need The Right Toothbrush

If you’ve invested in the wrong toothbrush, you’re fucked.

What you need is a soft bristle toothbrush that is able to dive underneath your gum tissue and tear away all the nasty plaque that has been cowering, hidden from view, ready to spread disease. Got you, boy!

You Need To Take A Long, Hard Look At Your Technique

Straight strokes are okay, but straight strokes alone? That just won’t do. Your brush needs to be positioned at a 30 to 45 degree angle when you hit the gum tissue. Then you need to rotate your wrist so that it moves in a circle.

Always Rinse

Some of us men simply either swallow or spit out the toothpaste. Because we’re men and that’s a man thing to do.

But we have to rinse if we wanna get rid of all the nastiness that we just loosened. Seriously, if you knew some of the stuff you swallowed, you’d go green.

Invest In New Brushes

It’s a common mistake to buy a new toothbrush once a year, but the ADA suggests we get a new one every 3 months. They barely cost a cent, and while new bristles are sharp and piercing it’s a good thing. When they become worn, they become smoother – but crapper.

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