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How Kids Can Make You Fat

by Steve Gordon
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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t might sound utterly bonkers to claim that having kids can make us fat, but in some way it’s very true. You might not realise it, but when you have little nippers, your lifestyle changes in such a drastic way that, as well as losing sleep, missing deadlines at work, and having to skip ball games with your pals, you’re also piling on the pounds. A good nights rest becomes Bedlam, work becomes doubly exhausting, and thin becomes fat.

It’s easy to say that this fattening up is down to a few other things, such as feeling more comfortable in your own skin now that you’ve been with your woman for 10 years. But the truth is that your own kids can make you fat.

Your Finish Off Their Meals For Them

Your kid just isn’t feeling that last scoop of peanut butter on their plate – but you are. Without further ado, you dive in and lick it up. Mmm.

Whereas five years ago it was just your wife’s food that you finished off, you’ve now got much more food to get rid of. And you’re loving it.

Lack of Sleep

Did you know that a lack of sleep is one of the causes of obesity? You do now, tubby.
Kids can sometimes keep us awake at night, but it’s also the extra workload that they bring with them that ensures we go to bed later and get up earlier.

You Begin To Share Their Palette

Before they were born, your diet might have been chugging along nicely. A few veggies here and there, a piece of fruit in the evening. Life was good. It was healthy.

Because your kids hate veggies and have a craving for grilled cheese and pizza, you pretty much have to adopt their palette. You cook to please them and you have some of what they’re having. No more health food stores, it’s Burger King all the way, baby.

You’ve No Time To Cook

All the new responsibilities you and your wife are taking on means there’s less time to rustle up an excellent, nourishing meal. Who you gonna call? Takeaway! More precisely – the pizza parlour. Cheese pizzas all round.

You’re On The Mall Rat Diet

Because of your newly demanding lifestyle, you’re always hungry, which means you’re constantly grabbing snacks. And we’re not talking blueberries; we’re talking chocolate bars, crisps and coke.

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