[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ombron is known to be a specific kind of male supplement that alleges to establish hormonal balance in the body without any side-effects. While it claims to improve the sexual health, our tests results revealed that Hombron helps in promoting and refining the overall well-being but, fails to enhance the male sexual health particularly. Therefore, it is not very reliable and a user might not see any significant results after its use.


The prime uses of Hobron include enhancement and refining of male sexual health and performance. This means that Hombron may be used as a method to improve the sex-drive and stamina in males along with increasing penis size and erection quality. It is preferred over some products because it is unlikely to cause any side-effects and presents an effective alternative to other pharmacological products.

First Take:

Hombron is an easily available supplement that consists of all natural components. Its ingredients are proven to enhance male sexual health with no side-effects at all. But, the poor quality of its ingredients and the low-dose of herbs make this supplement a ineffectual product. Following these reasons, this product has been halted by the manufacturer. It is no longer listed on their official website.


Hombron can be purchased at Walgreens. We bought it from Walgreens and performed a series of tests for a time period of 35 days. Our tests included a control group to ensure trustworthy results, a lab test to test the authenticity of the ingredients, and a deep and dynamic clinical test. The results revealed that Hombron could improve the energy and mood of a male but was unable to produce any enhancement in the sex-drive, erection quality, or libido. This can be because of the low dose of ingredients that are, otherwise, proved to be very effective in boosting sexual performance in males.


Hombron contains the best male enhancement ingredients available in the market. These are:
Maca Root
Tribulus Terrestris
These ingredients are known to improve the sexual performance in males by stimulating blood flow to the penis and increasing the testosterone level and sexual desire in men. But, the poor quality and low-doses of these ingredients make Hombron an ineffective male enhancement supplement.


Based on the test results, Hombron settles at a D- grade and is not recommended for males looking for enhancement supplements. Instead, you can opt for FCK Power to naturally enhance your sexual health and performance. FCK Power has been clinically proven to increase energy levels by 400%, and boost up libido, sex-drive, penis size and erection strength, and stamina. Without proper diet and exercise it may almost seem impossible to improve your overall sexual health as all these factors play a vital part. Lifting weights or swimming is a great way to stay in shape and improve fitness levels. Eating fruits such as bananas and apples are good for the body because they are full of nutrients.

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