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Here are 5 Parts on a Man that Women Can’t Get Enough Of 

by Steve Gordon
Here are 5 Parts on a Man that Women Can't Get Enough Of

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]side from the obvious part of the male body that is the penis, there are plenty of other parts on the male body that women can’t get enough of.

In some ways, these parts of the male body are MORE important than the penis, because the women can see these parts even before you take your pants off. I mean, what kind of guy walks around with his dong hanging out? Yeah, nobody. So she won’t be able to get excited about you from that until you actually made some progress.

These male parts are so defined and sexually-inducing that women might even introduce themselves to YOU instead of you having to approach them.

If you’re lacking in these areas, now would be a good time to get involved and improve your body.

Here are 5 parts of the male body that women cannot get enough of:

Bulging Biceps

Women loves big muscles on a man, and the biceps are the clearest muscles that women gravitate to. Big legs are calves are pretty solid too, but women look at the upper body more than anything.

They simply love a strong man who can take care of his body.

Sculpted Chest

After biceps, women absolutely go nuts over a nice chest on a dude.

This part of the body rounds out the whole package. Above all else, you need a solid upper body to make the entire body look better. When women see a good chest, they know the rest of the body is going to be just as good.

Big Shoulders

Huge traps and big shoulder muscles are really desirable to women, and it’s because it shows an immense dedication to strength and conditioning.

Working the shoulders is pretty difficult work, and achieving big shoulders shows that the guy is able to work toward something hard and achieve his goals.

Great Abs

Thanks to Jersey Shore and all of those goofy reality shows, women flock to abs like you wouldn’t believe.

But even before this show took over, abs were considered an important part of the male body. A strong core is one of the first things women look at when they’re at the beach.

It’s one of those things that everyone wants, and they’re some of the easiest things to achieve, too.

Good Butt

Working out the legs and doing squats are enough to make this happen, and women just love a toned butt on a guy.

Much like how dudes love boobs and a nice, tight ass, women love a tight ass on a guy, too.

There’s not much evolutionary background to this, but women just love it.

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